Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cruise post #2

Ok.. time for blog post numero 2!!! 

And to clear a few things up.. yes, we knew Zack and Melissa. They are good friends of ours and Darin and Zack coach together. This means Melissa and I bond while they are away at football and sit together at all the games.  We also go to the same church and Gage (their 5 year old) is going to marry my Adie. We didn't meet a random couple and take a million pictures of them.  =)  And Kayla and Jeff were planning to come but weren't able to this time around.  It was a bummer but such a blessing in disguise.. she's pregnant and has a few scares so being on a ship with pregnant scares would not have been fun!  We had also invited a few other couples but they weren't able to make it this time around either.  So yeah, that's the background of who was and wasn't with us. =)

Ok, now for more pics and more funny comments!!
We rented a car in Orlando for the first night.  We got there on Sunday and our ship didn't leave until Monday.  To our surprise, this was our rental!!!
And yes, that is rain. =/ Didn't make much difference to us!  Were able to put the top down here and there between rain clouds...
Here's another pic of the private island.  It was the highlight for all 4 of us. This is Darin and I chilling out...
And yes, those are beads of sweat on my lip.  It was only like 105!  Well, it seemed like it was 105...
And here is my sexy man reading his bible on the beach.. getting ready for some camp speaking coming up!
And after last week I'm happy to announce that his farmers/track tan is gone!  His chest and back are looking mighty fine and tan. Hubba, hubba!
And had to show a pic of Zack and Melissa on the bright wall. This one was my fave of them against the fun wall.  =) So candid. So them. 
And here is their smiley one against the wall.  =)
And Darin's and I's non-kissy-face pic against the fun wall...
Yes, I liked the wall.  Tomorrow's post will not have wall pictures.  Promise.
Did I tell ya that we caught the sunset every night?  Here is a fun one of Zack and Melissa at dusk...
And I'll share one of my doosies from the cruise. 

Every night at dinner you have the same server.  (FYI for those cruise virgins)  Ours was from the Philippines.  She was totally awesome.  One night we were chatting about her and stupid me says,

"Isn't she from the Philistines?"

Um, that's not right.  =/  I knew it the second I said it that it was wrong as Darin and the Worthman's laughed. 

Oops. Yeah, she really didn't look very Hebrew. =/

More tomorrow!


Laura Read said...

How lucky to get the cool rental car rather than a blah 4-dr sedan on the kidless vacay! I'm lovin the pics - great pics of all of you! :)

Emily said...

loving your pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

Emily said...

Okay Darce- you always say Darin is hot... but YOU are a HOTTIE! :) Loving your pictures- you are one incredible person that I look up to in every way! I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip!

Kat said...

fun pictures!
and AWESOME car! good times :)
oh, and apparently steve & i need a cruise to get rid of his farmer tan ;)

a.tonagel said...

Hilarious post! You look fly by the way! Love all your pictures!

Linz said...

Love the last shot of the Worthman' pretty!!