Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cruise post #3

You know how they fold your towels on cruises?  Of course I took pictures...

Well, they fold things for you to wear at dinner too.  =) 
And they had live music at dinner every night too.  What did Melissa request to be played? 
The Titanic theme song, but of course!  Just kidding.. we didn't know what to tell them to play so they started playing it all on their own.  So clever.
Here's some more dinner pics!
And a huge highlight of the trip was snorkeling.  It was my first time and I HATE swimming so this was major for me!  They had a sunken ship and airplane that we got to look at.  So cool. =) 
And love this pic too. =)  Again, private island that Royal Caribbean owns....
This is always a fun picture.. these are all the boats lined up in Nassau.  Ours was the 2nd from the left.
Time for a Melissa doosey!  We got the port the first day and before we sailed off and Darin saw a NASA base in Port Canavaral.  He makes a comment that he would love to go to NASA someday..

Melissa doesn't hear "NASA" quite right and says,

"Nassau?  You can see Nassua from here?"

Love it. =) That's probably one you had to "be there" for but man, we had a good laugh!

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Linz said...

Um yep...u two gals are pretty smokin' hot!! Just sayin':)