Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cruise post #4.. and the last one!

Don't want to bore you guys too much with cruise pics.. Here's to the last post!
Have I ever mentioned how much of a romantic my Darin is? On the way down he had made a new CD of songs for our 5 year anniversary.  He loaded them on our ipod and  even got a spliter so that we both could listen to the songs at the same time . Isn't that too sweet ?
And the last night of dinner he had our server bring me a love letter to our table.  It was so, so sweet. 

Here are a few more dinner pictures...

And for the last few funny things. 
When we got there Melissa realized that she need a few things laundered because they wrinkled from travel.  She started reading the laundry list haging on a hanger inside their closet and got frustrated and said,

"I can't even read this.. I don't know this lingo."

I took the list from her and said,

"Melissa, that's in French."


Then the last one..

As we were porting at Nassua I made the stupid comment,

"I would love to find some authentic mexican food."

Yep, totally forgot we were in the Bahamas and not Mexico. My fellow travelers were even nice enough not to tell me I wasn't in Mexico until I said it a second time...


So all in all, totally had fun and can't wait to go on another one.  But you know what the best part was?

Coming home to my munchkins. =)


The Lantzes said...

you look so pretty!

Then There Were Three... said...

Darcy, I LOOVE the pictures! Looks like a fabulous time had by all! And the pic of your girls is adorable.