Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Lil photo shoot...

I haven't talked much about my photography here since I moved all the pictures over to my new photography blog.  Things are going SUPER well.  I am way busy and feel blessed that God has given me this little side business.  Thank you to all that have used me.. I feel honored that you've picked me with all the options out there! 

Anywho, 3 other couples, their kids and us went to the dunes on Sunday and had a blast.  My friend Amanda offered to take pictures of my little family before we changed into our suits.  LOVE how they turned out!!! You've probably noticed my new blog header with one of my fave pics of the day...

This was after we got a bit lost and before we were almost in an accident with a man driving the wrong way down the 4 lane highway that ended up crashing and had a gun!  Wish I could make this stuff up, people.

Thanks for taking it for us, Amanda! 

And just a glimpse of what my Joya did all day long...

Stuck her head in the sand like an ostrich.  I'm STILL scrubbing sand out of her hair and ears!
Also been trying to find time for Joya's 15 month shoot. 
Can't believe she's 15 months already.
Can't believe she's only got one top front snaggle tooth. 
Keep thinking she's gunna get molars before she adds a few front teeth.. goodness gracious.
She prefers the whiskey tango look of one side front tooth.
I think she's cute enough to pull it off!

And I am HOPING that one of my girls is getting my curls! Maybe it's Joya Jae?

And I can't leave the eldest out!  She's a crazy hoot...

Not quite sure what spawned on this weird indian dance she's breaking out but the picture made me laugh!  might make you too. =)
And funny story about that skirt.  She wore it to church on Sunday.  Darin teaches the 4/5's at church and the 3 year old's come over to his room for the story and song time.  Adie's class came right on over and when it was dancing time Adie stood up and had accidently stepped on her skirt.. she ended up pants-ing herself and had her skirt hanging around her ankles. That's my girl!  Making a fool of yourself for the Lord!
I thought I might try to fool you all and make it look like Joya is screaming out of shear delight that her sister is holding her..I'll let you in on the secret... she's super angry that she's being held down!
I've already shared this one but I love it. =)
She's a bit happier that her sister is embracing her.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my little ladies? Lil Miss Sand Head and skirt around the ol' ankles and everything... love every bit of them! 


Sarah said...

I love Joya's snaggle tooth! That's the best phase of teething because it's so dang cute!

And her CURLS! Love 'em!

I was SO thankful that Darin was in Jackson's room on Sunday... usually I have to drop him off and run because he gets really clingy Sunday mornings but Darin started talking to him and I was able to leave him without a fuss! It felt great!

Brewster said...

Oh Darcy, I love all the pictures. I feel like I can kind of watch your girls grow up even though I can't see them in person. They are SO beautiful!! I do love Joya's curls, too. Thanks for all your posts! Love you!

Kara Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! I want you to know I am sitting her completely tearing up from the giggles of picturing Adie with her skirt around her ankles. Could completely picture Delaney doing that... ok, I mean me doing that,but whatever! Thanks for sharing your photos and your stories... love it! We check on you daily :) No pressure....!

Shannon said...

Truly laughed out loud at the story of Adie and her skirt!! I love Joya's curls :)

The Lantzes said...

Joya DOES have curls!!! I love it! Ummm, seriously a man with a gun on the wrong side of the highway?!~ Ridiculous! I love your pictures! Beautiful family!