Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adie's funnyism...

Adie has been cracking us up lately.  The girl is hilarious. 

Many of you that know her know that she plays with her belly button.  Like pulls it out so far it looks like an elephant trunk. 

I like to exaggerate and I'm not exaggerating at all. 

Like it used to be an innie and now its an outie . About a week ago Darin was laying on the floor without his shirt on and Adie looked at his innie, normal belly button and asks him,

"Daddy.  Did your belly button die?"

He told her,

"Nope!  That's what yours looked like until you got to it!"

Then this morning she was watching a cartoon and she told me,

"Daddy watched this cartoon too when he was a little girl."

Love it!

Then this morning the girls were SO GROUCHY so at 12:30, a half an hour early for nap, I had had it.  I told them both it was time for naps.  I put Adie in her bed and gave her 2 books and told her to read on her own and go to sleep and I shut the door.  She opens the door back up and shouts at me,

"But I can't read yet!"

Oh gosh.  Had to hide the laughing with that one!
Here's a picture of a little mini shoot we did a few weeks ago. In a corn field. Cuz we've got plenty of those round these parts!


Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, Darce! She is hilarious...and I would have cracked up too!!!!

Jewel said...

Too cute! How funny!

Kat said...

love it!
love your new blog header, too- such a fun family picture, i love all the colors!