Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bad, bad blogger...

So I guess this blog is getting the shaft here lately!
Sorry bout that.. and I don't have any fun pictures of the little ladies to post but I do have sompin' funny Adie Grace said the other day.

We had gone out for Chinese on our date night with the little ladies and had to stop at the grocery to pick up some milk on the way home.  I had given both girls their fortune cookie to eat while we were in the store.  Joya devoured hers and it dawned on me.. isn't there a fortune in a fortune cookie?  I asked Darin if maybe he had caught Joya before she ate her fortune and he said nope.  Adie catches all this go down and turns to Joya and tells her,

"Joya, that was a BAD decision to eat your paper!"

Haha!  Crack me up!  We've been talking about Adie making good and bad decisions and I guess she's passing on that information to her sister.

And get this.. my little Joya keeps asking to be sat on the potty. She'll see Adie or I go and then she points at it and backs her caboose up to the john.  Ah.  Today she sat on the pot and shortly after I got her down she pooed in her pants. Hopefully a coincidence.  =/ I told Darin we could talk about potentially having a 3rd when the peanut is potty trained.  Watch her be trained at 18 months!  AH!!!

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Nichole said...

Avenlea has gone twice too...My mom shocked the me when she said I was trained at 18 months. SHe said I wanted to be just like my big brother. Super competetive. Good thing I am not still like this!!! Haha...