Thursday, September 02, 2010

Resale Fashion Show..

I talk about our bi-annual Children's Resale all the time but never show you guys what I actually purchase from the Resale!  Had the super amazing idea this afternoon to do a fashion show for you blog readers so you can see the stuff I buy for the girls.  And this way my sister can see what I got too.. I always tell her the clothes are cute but she never gets to see them!  I'll tell you what prices I paid for things too..that way you can see what amazing deals are to be had!  Love to tell ya the price when it's el CHEAPO!

Got all the outfits I wanted to share ready over nap time and when the baby awoke she was rip raring to do the fashion show!  She greeted me like this...
Big ol' double tooth and double chinned grin.  Well, let's start this fashion show!

Get her first outfit on and grab the camera and this is what she gives me...
I think the bow tipped her off.  =/ she was fine til I plopped that bow on her head.

She's not so happy in her new Gap boots ($4) and can't remember what brand dress ($2).   Maybe this fashion show is backfiring...
So maybe she didn't like that outfit so I decided to move onto her new sweater (Children's Place $1.50) and Old Navy jeans ($1).. 
Smaller bow does not equal happiness.

I tried to sit her in the new little popizon chair ($2.50).... and shoes ($1.50)
And she tipped herself over with her fit...
Meanwhile the eldest is sleeping on the couch thru the tantrums...
That is when I decided to nix dress up-fashion show and move the outfits outdoors.  This will be much quieter and no tantrums involved.  Excuse our crispy grass.  =)
Joya's little Old Navy winter dress with matching shoes (Sold as set, $2.50)
Joya's Gap shirt ($1.50), leggings ($1) and MY FAVORITE new shoes ($1.50)
Joya a little Falcon sweater for footbally games and b-ball games in the winter.. Old Navy $1.50.  And yes, the girls and I wear navy and pink as if it was the real Falcon colors, amen. Oh, already had the jeans.
Fun little shirt/sweater, Old Navy $1.50... already had the Gap jeans.
Those were my favorite purchases for Miss Joya!  Got her some other stuff but at this point she was screaming at the sliding glass door so I went in for a bit.  Oh, and she is in all the clothes from when Adie was her age too. 

Yes, her sister was STILL sleeping on the couch.

oh.. and here are some cutie shoes for Miss Joya.  You get to see my fave brown ones cloeser.. $1.50 for each pair...
Fast forward a few 15 minutes and the bebe is settled and I get to show you Adie's new duds. Well, just a couple of the many outfits I picked up.  My faves. =)

Here is a fun black Gap shirt ($2) that I didn't realize had crazy Wrigley hair on it and some Children's Place jeans ($2)

My fave dress I picked up for the day from Old Navy, $3... bug on the right boobie was free.  =)
"Splurged" on this green Gap sweater for $4 and the Gap jeans were the steal of the day.. $1.50!!!  And if it's cool enough for jeans on her first day of preschool next Tuesday then we'll go with these jeans. Cuz I'm a dork with school and the apples, Yo. I think it's supposed to be hell-fire again by next week.. ah, ready for fall!
Carters shirt for $2 and Carters leggings for $2. The boots were from Target and were $4...  
Ooo.. loved this Gap sweater for $2 too.. and already had the Levi jeans.
Loved these sweet little shoes for Adie.. and wide enough for her foot too!  She inherited the wide duck feet from me, poor thing.
So there you have it!  I would have added their new winter coats but I forgot til now. Both from Old Navy, both $5 each.

So there you have it!  I get 90% of my girls' wardrobe from the Resale.  It's amazing and a huge blessing to us and so many people.  It allows me to dress my girls in super name brand stuff for next to nothing. And it feels good to be a good steward of the money God's given us.  Man, kids stain stuff so easily and are so rough on clothing, this is definitely the route for us! 

Hope you locals join us next time.. it's March 26th.. put it on your calendars now!  It will only be spring and summer things.  And if you don't live in my area, google sales like this in your own area. They are turning up everywhere.


Then There Were Three... said...

I enjoyed your fashion show :) Great deals! I had my eye on that popizon, and now I see who it went to!! Glad it went to a good home! haha

darcy said...

Brittany.. I wanted the pink popizon too! You might see it come up in some photography.. I bought the Pottery Barn "Baby" bucket too.. we might just have to use that one on your newborn when he comes!!

Natalie said...

Love the clothes. Looking forward to the hand-me-downs years:)

ThisIsMyLife said...

i'm glad to see the first dress went from one cutie to another! :) and i soo had both of those chairs on my list...good thing i like you! ;)

a.tonagel said...

wow! You weren't kidding! You got a ton of stuff for cheap!!! I will play dress up/fashion show with you if you want. :)

Then There Were Three... said...

How fun!! Yeah, we are redoing Sienna's "big girl" room in green and pink and I thought that would be a fun chair to add to the mix. What a cute photography prop for $2.50! Can't beat it, huh? I'm getting excited for pictures... in a few months haha. I have come across some things, too, that I think would be cute to use. :)

Andrew and Denise said...

Thanks! loved to see the girls and your buys. wish we had the resale here or maybe just you all here. LAMY!

Jewel said...

What great finds! Isn't the Resale the BEST!? I so look forward to it 2x a yr.!

Shannon said...

This post cracks me up :) With as overboard as I go there, I can't imagine how long it would be of pictures!!!