Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yet another thing to worry about...

Welp, the door in Adie's room will be officially closed for the unforeseeable future.

Joya learned how to climb up into Adie's loft.  This little 19lb spitfire LOVES to climb and her sister's loft is added to the "new-things-that-are-fun-to-climb" category.. the loft along with the kitchen table, the computer desk and the kitchen countertops.  She loves to catwalk down the kitchen countertops. 

Yesterday morning I was cleaning up in the kitchen and went to check on her in Adie's room and she was up in the loft. I first sighed because it is yet another challenge to my day and then got over it and grabbed my camera.  As any scrapbook mom would do. =)

She wanted to show you all how she did it...
Wala!  She's at the top!

She is so proud of herself..
Poor Adie.. the loft was always where she went when she wanted to play with her people and dollhouse and get away from her little sister.  Nothing's off limits now. She's a climbing machine!!!


Kat said...

first off- only 19 pounds???? what a peanut!
and those pictures are A.DOR.AB.LE (did that work?) so stinkin cute.
izzy is a climber, too- maybe its a second child thing???

a.tonagel said...

She is so cute! Makes my uterus want to try again. hit me over the head the next time you see me! :)
adorable pics as always!