Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lip color...

Had a blog reader, Vintage Country Girl, ask me what color I used on my smackers. (BTW.. how fun that you are Jett's teacher! Isn't he a riot? And that HAIR!?)  Anywho..

 Thought I would show ya a picture so you get the right one. It's from Aldi. =) Yep, Aldi has a skincare line. It's the knock off of Arbonne.. um, I'm there! No mineral oils, made with natural stuff, made in Germany, it's just splendid. You guys could have guessed that it's super thrifty, right? HA!

Well, I do use Mary Kay neutral lip liner and then us the Lacura pink container of lip stuff. They have 3 different kinds... all 3 for $1.49. No joke. The first time I selected the lip care stuff I seriously picked it because the container was pink. =) And now I LOVE it! So addicted..

Taking a picture of a lip liner and color is super easy, right?

Not when there is a Joya loose!

I had to grab her, set her down across the room and then run back over to my lip care to take a picture before what is seen in the above picture would happen. Girl loves to be in the action.

So yeah, that's my lip color! I wear it 100% of the time!

Any one else have any questions? I'm kinda in a blogging stump. =/

Oh, and caught my 4 toother on the kitchen table grabbing an apple again today.

She's so proud. =)

And Adie starts up another round of gymnastics classes tonight! She's been in her leo since 2pm...
Yeah, so shoot me a question or give me a topic to blog about. =)


grace said...

I love Aldi's skincare line too! My sister's friend is a professional makeup artist and says it's a good choice if you're on a budget. Their anti-wrinkle cream won in blind tests against L'Oreal, Olay and Helena Rubenstein. I also like their shampoo (knock off from Biolage).

Jewel said...

Ooh, I shop @ Aldi's now so I'll have to take a look @ their makeup! See you tonite! Can't wait!

Vintage Country Girl said...

Thanks for the hint of color choice. I ran right over to Aldi's and bought me a pack! LOVE it! It even looks good over a little darker lipliner. Very versatile!

I Love your blog and photography!

Team Tonagel said...

I have to confess to stalking your blog and happened to be at Aldi's yesterday and grabbed myself a pack as well. Maybe you should be getting some commission for the sales of their skin line? Thanks for the tip!

Jewel said...

I was @ Aldi's last night & I saw your stuff. And I was about to get some but I noticed on the pkg. it says Face Care & somewhere else it says Lip Care so I wanted to make sure that it's for the lips before I get it!