Thursday, December 02, 2010

few updates...

A crazy scrapbook world introduced my good friend Kayla and I to one another. We were instant email friends.. she's one of those friends that I don't get to see as often as I'd like.. heck, we've only met in person 2 times over the 5 years that we've know each other.. but emails and phone calls keep us tight. I tell EVERYONE that if you are having a bad day, go over to her blog and you will have a guaranteed 5 laughs.  Seriously.  She is one of the funniest people I know. She struggled with infertility for years and God formed a miracle and she learned she was pregnant last spring.  This
prevented her from going on a couples cruise with us in July (boo!) but we were ecstatic that she was expecting.  Three weeks ago she went into pre-term labor and delivered sweet, tiny Scarlette at 1 lb 9oz. She was doing super well til early this week.  She has belly problems and had heart surgery yesterday. I've had posts on Facebook asking my friends to pray for her and it's amazing how diligently you all have done so!  Everyone keeps asking me how she's doing.  Just wanted to ask you to keep lifting her in your prayers.. read about her on her daily blog.  She's a little fighter but has a lot more fighting to do.  Thanks, friends.   
I had this little announcement over on my photography blog.  Directed my Facebook friends over to the blog to check out the announcement and had multiple people think that I was pregnant.  Um, nope!  Sorry about the misleading post on FB.  =/ 

We had a sermon at church about our health & energy and it convicted me to officially state on my blogs that I will be taking January and February off. (Not included: my baby package babies or you have already scheduled an appointment with me prior to my official decision.)  I feel SO BLESSED by my photography business but am ready for a bit of a break to be a wife & mom 100%, avoid burn out and take a breather to get my creative juices flowing.  I want to keep fresh and new but when I go from session to session I have no extra time to think creatively or learn new skills!  I have this amazing new lens and need some non-session practice time in figuring out how to perfect using it!  We'd love for my photography to be a long term thing in our family since it fits so well into our busy schedule.  My goal is not to make a name for myself or make a killing in the finance department.. I pray all the time that I don't get greedy and do sessions just for the extra income.  It's been hard for me to turn people away this fall because I DO enjoy what I do but my schedule was just so full.  Looking at my photog blog and seeing how many sessions I've had in the last 6 months.. WOAH, not really sure how I did it!?  I'll love it when the girls get into school and I can work during the day and be home when they get home.  I can schedule sessions around the girls' activities, Darin's coaching and the other things I feel called to do.  So don't fear, I'm not stepping away permanently.. just taking a bit of a break to rest and recharge and learn!!  I wanted to explain a bit more of my heart here on my personal blog so everyone knows what's going on.  =)  Love you all and LOVE taking pictures of your kiddos.. just need 2 months for me and my family!  
And what am I going to do with my spare time over the winter?  Um, make THIS!!!!!!

Darin's grandma asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I told her I wanted an uninterrupted, Adie & Joya free day with her help to make this fabulous quilt.  I cannot wait.. already have the fabric to make it and everything!

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Kat said...

love the new banner- noticed your fun ruffle projects, too :) looks great!

i have been thinking about kaylee aimee a ton and i hope & pray she will get better fast.

and lastly- good for you for taking a break! breaks are always a good thing :)