Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas Break Recap...

Darin went back to school yesterday. =(  Boo.. we love it when he's home.  We love that he's a teacher and has all kinds of time off!  I thought I'd do a little recap of what all we did over break.  

**Took the girls to the community center to meet Santa. Someone wasn't impressed with good ol' Saint Nick... that or he told her she was on the naughty list. 

**Darin received the Bourne Triology movies so we had some late nights staying up and watching them in a row on our projector.  Have to admit that I enjoyed them but was royally honked that Julia Stiles and Jason Bourne's history wasn't explained in the last movie.  Anyone know if there's a 4th one coming out?  I can't even believe I just asked that!  They SO aren't my type of movie!

**Had a sick little girl at the Christmas Eve Service.. also prevented her from going to the Replogle family gathering. =(  Wrigley made sure she kept warm. After she started honking again he kept hiding under chairs and wanted outside.. I think the stink got to him.  Um, join the club, buddy!

**Had 5 Family Christmas's we attended.  Too many pictures to post!  It was the first year in 3 years that we weren't at Friedenswald in Michigan on our extended family getaway.  It was fun to be home on Christmas morning. =)

**A little mama's girl finally realized that daddy's isn't all that bad!  In fact, she followed him around most of the break and stood by the door yelling, "Daddy!  Daddy!" when he worked out in his shop. Darin's gunna appreciate me for showing my blog friends his crazy bed head!

**We took Adie to see Tangled because she stayed in her bed for 10 nights in a row!  I believe she's over her bedtime issues but she did tell me yesterday that when she sleeps in her bed for 4 nights in a row she wants to go to Florida to see Mickey Mouse.  Um, try staying in your bed for 4 years and we'll talk! 

**Darin got bored and whipped up a cubby/coat hanger for me by our garage door. We LOVE our home but I guess in the 1950's when the house was built they didn't think that a coat closet was a good idea.  I beg to differ.  Now we don't have to hang our coats over the dinning room chairs or make a trip to our bedrooms to hang the ol' jackets up. LOVE IT!!!!  Mittens, gloves and hats are stored in the baskets up above.  Perfect. =)  

**Darin pulpit filled for our old Pastor at CCW at his new church on December 26th. He rocked out a sermon on the Bethlehem Star.  He got great feedback from the message.  The new church didn't have a nursery worker so the girls and I hung out in the nursery during the service.  Adie took her turn at being photographer and took this lovely picture of my mouth and neck. 
** There is a "Restore" store that we love going to but don't have a chance to visit often.  It's like Goodwill for your house.  Builders donate their unused or used stuff to them and they sell it for cheap, cheap.  This trip we found crown molding for our dinning room, living room and kitchen for $40 total.  It was $1-2 per 8 foot board.  I KNOW!  It's in the process of getting painted white so once it's done I'll show you pictures. =) The girls liked riding the cart...
Look at all that hard wood floor to the right of the pic!  We wish we had somewhere to lay it!

**Of course I told you about going to the Colts game last Sunday night...

**Had 3 photo sessions and entered into my January-February "break".  I had some session already scheduled before I announced my breather and also have some baby package babies that I'll do so keep checking on my photog blog for pictures from my session. I also (finally) ordered my external flash and man, do I love it!  I kept dragging my feet to get one because I love natural light so much.  But it was a must.. the business was growing too much NOT to have one.  Specially for my indoor stuff.  I took this picture of my lovely little lady today with the new flash... she's getting so big!

**And HUNDREDS of you saw the video from Facebook of our New Year's Eve party.  This video is from my point-n-shoot.. not like the one that was on Facebook where Erin and Andy put it to new music... and I was in it. =)  Darin completely stole the show with his mad skills. 

Make an on-line slide show at

It's really going to be a miracle if either of our girls can dance!  That's one area where Darin and I are not blessed!  And there was absolutely not a drop of alcohol at the party.  Proof that time with good friends, a Kinect, no kids and a dancing competition can bring out the best in ya. =)  Or make a fool out of ya, one of the two!  Good times, good times!

And that's what we did on our break.  It went super fast but I reallllly do feel blessed that Darin can have that much time off.

And this is my 550th post! And last month was my 5th blog anniversary.  Aren't you guys tired of me yet???  HA!


Kat said...

yes, its the best being married to a teacher!
love all the pics, and looks like your break was a good time!
you'll have to email me sometime about the flash!

a.tonagel said...

I'm hurt. Our anniversary date complete with $2.50 purchases didn't make the blog post. JUST KIDDING! What terrible photographers we are that we didn't take a pic of our evening out. :)
We are missing break here too. Adorable cubby Darin!

Shannon said...

Thanks for posting about the ReStore. My husband does a lot of home improvements & woodworking. I looked up the store and we have one in our area. Can't wait to check it out!

Rhonda Yoder said...

I love your coat cubby! You design/Darin builds, I presume?? Great combination! And that little Joya just keeps getting cuter, if that's possible! Loved that picture!

Kirsten said...

That coat cubby is AMAZING ...