Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Merry Christmas to us!

This year Darin and I exchanged Christmas gifts in form of Colts tickets and an overnight stay in Indy. =) Grandma Kathy kept the girls and we were off early Sunday morning to hit some shopping before we got to the game 2 hours before kickoff. =)

This is my excited husband standing in line to get into the stadium in the 20 degree weather with just his sweatshirt. I think he was extra happy because we were finished jean shopping for him.  Unsuccessful jean shopping for him is why he's extra cheesy.

Just took the point-n-shoot because the books took up too much room in my purse for the big dog camera. =)  That little thing stays in my purse all the time. 

This was the first time we were in Lucas Oil Stadium.  It was AMAZING!
We were up pretty high but we could see everything we needed too.  We were 6 rows up from the top.. man were THOSE people cheapskates.  HA!
Had to get a matching picture of Darin in the stadium.
And then one together...
Darin brought his MP3 player to listen to the game on the radio. 
At first he kept the left ear one out and only listened to the right ear.. he said he wanted to be able to listen to me in case I talked to him.  In the 4th quarter when the score hit 20-20.. he asked if it would be alright if he listened to both ears.  I have such a sweet, considerate man!!!  Considerate man with old man type tendencies but I still love him!

He wants us going away on a Colts getaway to be a yearly Christmas gift. =) Pretty sure he wants to use up next Christmas' gift and go NEXT week to the first playoff game in Indy!  That boy loves his Colts!


Emily said...

Love it Darcy! Like I said, my kind of vacation. I have only been to two pro games, would love to go to more!

Dina said...

I should have loaned you a HUGE t-shirt for your getaway! BAHAHAHAHA! Glad you guys had a great time.

Wendy said...

What a great game to be at!! It was so exciting at the end!

Jewel said...

What a neat Christmas gift idea...and a neat tradition to start!!!