Friday, January 14, 2011

Our little Joya Jae...

A lot of times Adie gets talked about because she's older and talking and doing funny things.  Well, this post is for Joya Jae.  

Our little spit-fire,
22 pound ball of energy,
just grew a 5th tooth,
still in some 9-12 month clothing,
adorable and jabberish,
Joya Jae. 

She has such a fun little personality and I wanted to devote this entire post to my baby.  She's becoming a little girl (booooo) and quickly growing out of her baby stage.  So far the baby itch for #3 isn't quite there for me (Darin.. another story) because she's stayed so tiny, has very few words and keeps my hopping!  

She is super sassy and loves to be the center of attention.  She's a smiley little gal who LOVES to scream... especially when mommy is on the phone.  Which was so foreign to me because Adie seriously didn't know how to scream until she was 2 1/2.  The girls are polar opposites which will be fun when they grow up.  We already know that each of them need to be disciplined in completely different ways. 

The poor girl didn't get teeth until she was 15 months old.  Now 5 months later she still just has those front 4 teeth and just grew a molar.  Thank the Lord.. it looked SO painful back there! She crawled at 7 months, walked at 10 months and ran at 10 1/2 months...  just didn't see a need for teeth until 15 months!  Poor thing is gunna loose her baby teeth when she's in middle school!

She LOVES doing exactly what Adie does.  She wants to be just like her. Her new thing is to wear all of Adie's socks and shoes. She also loves to steal toys from Adie and run away with the said item above her head. It's really hilarious to watch.  Playing with playdough is also one of her new things since we're stuck indoors this winter.  A messy new thing at that!

The girl must have two things to sleep.. blankie and Mimi.  She's had her blankie since she was born (given to us from Bobbie Wogoman.. thanks, Bobbie!  It's so fun because Adie's blankie is from Bobbie too!).  Her recent attachment is this sock monkey that one of her MOTTT'S teachers made her.  The teacher made each of the kids in her class a sock monkey to fit their personalities. Joya's was completely glammed out because the teacher was always anticipating what glittery, fun shoes Joya would come to MOTTT'S in.  =) She LOVES her monkey!  She called it "Mimi" because she can't say monkey. =)

If you are Facebook friends with me and read my status on Monday you'll know that Joya thought she was ready to potty train herself.  On Monday after school she went up to Darin, tapped him on the leg and said "potty".  He got out her potty chair and sat down and peed.  Then she proceeded to do it 3 more times that night and (kinda) hit a dump in there too!  She also screamed when we tried to put her diaper back on. She was over diapers.  I was shocked and in awe and not really sure if I myself was ready to potty train a 20 month old who has 10 words.  Apparently it was a Monday, January 10th, 2011 thing because she really hasn't show too much interest since.  Every morning I'll ask her if she wants to try and she'll try but hold her little butt up from the potty because the potty seat is cold. =)

I'm all for potty training at an early age but summer was so much easier with Adie and I'm not mentally ready to head up training. My method is all or nothing, or you could say the method is "poop or get off the pot."

All my friend joked with me because I've said all along, 
"we'll THINK about having a baby #3 when Joya is potty trained."  
I know, I know!  I assumed she'd potty train early because I said that.  =)

We love our little joyful Joya.  Just need to figure out how to stop letting her grow up...


Kat said...

i love her pigtails, so so cute!
so fun having 2 girls with such different personalities :)

Shannon said...

I enjoyed this post :) She is such a sweet little thing. I can't believe that she growing up so fast though, I still remember holding her and she just playing with my jewelry :)

Jewel said...

She is sooo adorable!