Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sharing a little hair bling love...

Had a reader a few posts back ask for a tutorial on my hair rosettes.  You all know me.. I like to figure out how to make things to save in the mula department.  =)  Usually begins with me hiking on over to Etsy and find some faves and then figure out how to make them on my own.  LOVE the hair department over at Etsy... especially with my photog biz.  I like to change things up so often that I'd be spending a small fortune on hair things if I wanted things in all kinds of colors.  And I have 2 little girls.. one of which doesn't keep anything in her hair anymore (coughjoyacough).  

So here we go.. 

Here's my little helper who kept saying, "CHEEEEE" when I'd bring the camera up to my eye so she got a snapshot of her own. Can everyone see how many teeth she's getting in at once?  Yep.. three there in the front and a molar in the back.  We're not getting very much sleep in this house. =(  Poor baby. 

Anyway, I use old t-shirts A LOT with my hair things.  Darin just went through his closet and gave me a ton so I was anxious to cut them up and make something out of them.  t-shirts work super well because they don't fray. My sis-in-law, Natalie, stopped by yesterday and I checked out her t-shirt to see if she had on a pink one she wanted to donate.. I really need a pink t-shirt. =)  

Ok.. here's for the tutorial:

Cut a strip of fabric off an old t-shirt.. the thicker the strip, the thicker the rosette will be. 

Then twist the strip of t-shirt...

Then start coiling the twisted fabric.  

Keep coiling and putting a dab of hot glue on the edge of the coil ever so often. 

Once you have the rosette at the size you want, cut a circle slightly smaller than the rosette out of felt. (Make sure if you are making a clip rosette that you make the flower bigger than the alligator clip. Don't want the clip hanging out of the rosette.)

Oh yeah.. to end the rosette just fold over the twisted fabric and then open it out and hot glue it to the back of the rosette.  Here you can see all the hot glue goo on the backside of my rosette.  =)

Put one clamp of the alligator clip on between the rosette and felt and hot glue the 1 side of the felt and clip to the rosette.  This will make it look nicer on the backside and it'll be more comfy for the bebe wearing the clip.

And wala! A rosette. I added a few pearls to the middle of this one. 

here's a few more I made yesterday.. a white one built on a skinny band for a newborn.  (Skinny bands are simply elastic found at JoAnne's for about .39cent a yard.  No joke.  Thick baby headbands are "out" in the photog arena.. skinny bands are "in".)

Love this color combo...

And a poofier rosette I made before our Christmas pics..
I can do a tutorial of these babies if you guys want me to.  And I'm also showing it to ya because I want to give one of my super tight rosette's away or one like the green one above.  =)

Yep, giving one away!  

All you have to do is leave me a comment on what I should blog about in the next 2 weeks.  =) After Friday I'm approaching a 2.5 week break from my business! Yeah.. I tried to take Jan and Feb off but ended up with 4 sessions in January and 9 in February!!!!  So I'll have time to blog and to make whoever wins a rosette of their own.  =)

Winner will choose:
a tight rosette or a fluffy one like the last pic
your preferred color (white, black, red, teal and yellow)
and tell me if it's for a baby or newborn or little girl and I can attach a skinny band on it if you'd like

And if someone donates a pink t-shirt to me then I'll make them a flower bling too. =)  I really need a pink t-shirt!!!

Just tell me what to blog about!!!!  I'll keep this blog up until Friday a.m... so enter before then!


Superlole said...

Hmmm...I think you should blog about teething...:)

How about something photography related? Editing photos, or getting good compositions.

Fun tutorial, btw! I love the idea. :)

Kat said...

those are soooo fun!!!! AND i have a pile of old t-shirts that i need a reason to just get rid of. fun flowers! you'll have to do a tutorial on the other puffy flower, too!

love that you're doing a giveaway, and such a fun one!

Nikki said...

SO CUTE!!! Ok...I think I remember you saying something once that Darin takes you out on a date night once a week (sometimes just the 2 of you, sometimes w/the ladies) :) Can you blog about that???

Shannon said...

You are one crafty woman :)

I would love you to blog about some of your favorite childhood memories! I am on a walk with the Lord about my own childhood, and am now fascinated about my friends, too :)

stacy said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait to try to make one now!

Hmmm...what should you blog about? How 'bout something scrapbook related. How do you plan a page? Do you just fly by the seat of your pants or do you think about and plan the photo placement, etc.?

Emily said...

I would love to know about your money-saving tips. Did you guys do Dave Ramsey? Maybe you could talk about that. Andrew and I are going through the class/reading the books before we get married- and I am moving out soon. Would love some money-saving shopping tips! :)

Becky said...

I think you should do a cooking blog about one of your favorite meals to make for dinner :)

Susan Weinroth said...

youre awesome darcy!!!! and these are adorable ;)

jonmarkh said...

Great hair clip idea. I just spent $15 buying hair clips for the girls. I will attempt making the one you showed! I think your next blog should be about your favorite or most creative place to take the girls (when you need to get OUT of the house, lol!) during the weekday. I find it challenging to think up creative, yet cheap things to do with the girls. Besides the library and a few play dates @ friends houses, I don't have many good ideas (especially during the winter). Fill me in on what you do!

Jenny Clark said...

Love your bows, Darcy. Here's an idea for your blog. My little Lilly is quite Sassy, in a cute, girly, hand on the hip kind of way. I always say that I don't know where it comes from, but deep down I know its me. I think you should do a compare and contrast with your girls, and you and Darin's personality traits.

Or have you already done that?

Jess said...

You should definitely do more tutorials like this one! I loved it! Especially, since it saves money and was simple. I am not crafty at all! :) Please do more...hair stuff especially :)

Sarah said...

Those are super cute! So crafty!

I always love reading about craft/creative ideas so keep 'em coming. How about some decorating posts too!

Brenda said...

Talk about what you do for the girls' birthdays, show us there parties and your creative ideas to go along with them.

Great tutorial!!


Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial --- I have been busily making bands and clips since last night:) I would love to have a tutorial or even some helpful tips on how you edit your photo (although I completely understand that might not be something you want to do now that you have turned your photography into a career).

Anonymous said...

Super cute!!!! Love the fluffy one! Blog about your friend Wendy ;) Just kidding.... I just wanted to enter & try to win the fluffy one. I wear things like this on my suit jackets. There's a lady & her daughter who make flowers here in town, then they donate all the sale proceeds to a charity of the daughters choosing!

Sara C. said...

Thanks for posting this - I have purchased those rosettes on etsy before not realizing how easy it might be to make one myself :) Although I don't really know where my hot glue gun is!

I would LOVE to win one :)

And - for future posts I'd love to see how to make the puffy flower! And your money-saving tips (especially when it comes to babies/kids) :)

Have a great day!!

gabbyfek said...

more tutorials!!!!!!!!
because these are amazing.
and now i covet them. ;)
teach me all your ways, please.

Sarah Beiler said...

I think you should come up with fun things for boys! Yes, they are hard to accessorize...but if anyone can do it, you can :)

Anonymous said...

I second Sarah's comments and affirmations, Darcy! I think your next business endeavor could be doing online tutorials, independently or for someone else! My favorite color rosette is the white one!

It's been too long since I've visited your site, but it is always a pleasure! Entertaining, educational, and challenging(eg facing realistically and writing how we wish to be remembered which often clashes with the way we are, thereby moving us forward), and so much fun to see the pictures of Joya and Adie. My favorite is the Joya with an attitude picture!!

Keep up your great work and your contagiously joyful spirit! (but know that periods of not so joyful spirit are also OK! God is no less pleased with you and those can be formative times!)

Team Tonagel said...

Is it too late to submit my comment for the giveaway? If not, here's mine.

I enjoy reading about your everyday happening's and would like to find out some money-saving-tips you have up your sleeve besides the obvious--Darren can do anything himself! :)