Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Our master bedroom...

Hey, ya all!  I'm about 1/2 way thru my 2 week "rest of my break" from photography.  I tried to take January and February off but ended January with 4 sessions and February with 10 so here's to 2 weeks of no sessions!  I love what I do but just need a bit of a breather.  I promise to blog a bit more than I have been lately and got some good ideas of what to talk about with your all's suggestions from last post. Oh.. and my friend Wendy from college won the hair bling.  I ended up asking someone to post a number between 1-18 and they picked Wendy's number.   And she wanted a fluffy rosette so I'll show you all  in an upcoming post how to make one of those. I think I may have Darin video me so watch out.. 

Someone asked me about inexpensive tips and creativity I have in the decorating department. Lately the running joke with my friends is that Darin's a saint and perfect man that makes me everything I think up and is the most romantic man on the planet.  Pretty much everyone's right on.  =) We were just at a birthday party and as we were talking about Darin's carpenter skills another party-goer walked in and said, 

"Darin's changing Joya's diaper.. and he's already changed all my kids' diapers too!"

She was kidding about him changing her kids' diapers but yeah, he's pretty darn amazing. =) The entire way home he ran down the list of his downfalls so that his head didn't get to big from all the praise. =) 

Anywho.. he DID make a lot in our master bedroom but there are a ton of things you can do too that don't require a hubby with mad woodworking skills and a woodworking shop with fancy wood cutting stuff (inherited from his pops).  We added this addition a little over 2 years ago right before Joya was born.  We needed the space.. adding the room made our home go from a 2 bed 1 bath to a 3 bedroom 2 bath home.  Perfect for us. =)

Here we go.. it's 99% finished.  There are still a few things we'll probably do but for the most part the room is marked off our list. 

Here's our headboard and wall art over our bed.  Darin made the headboard and it even tilts back so when we lean against it, it's super comfy.  It's a tad bit batted and I wish we would have put more back there. The wall art was a stolen idea off Pottery Barn. I drew the letters and Darin cut them out with his bandsaw.  I have stolen MANY an idea from pottery barn only to turn around and make it ourselves. =)  The lights on each side of our headboard are actually bathroom lights turned upside down with an added lamp shade on the top.  Probably $15 each.  

Here's another view...

Here you can see that we didn't build the wall all the way up between our bedroom and bathroom.  It makes the room super airy and the bathroom feels larger than it is. We have vaulted ceilings so we wanted to take advantage of all the extra ceiling space. I also framed the damask fabric for a larger piece of inexpensive art work. 

Here is the wall that is across from our bed.  This summer I hope to paint the dressers white and fancy up the drawer pulls.  I really wanted to paint them a distressed light mossy green but Darin vetoed it. =/  

Here is the TV cabinet in the corner of our room.  Yep, Darin built it. BUT look above the cabinet and see that I framed a piece of scrapbook paper that matched our room to a T.  Also need to put a candle on top of that candle holder.  Oops!  

We have cornice boards on both of our windows.  Yes, Darin made them but they were super easy!  He basically made a long "box" without one of the sides and then put a piece of trim on the bottom of the box and another piece of trim on the top of the box.  We painted it bright white and then hung the curtains inside of the box.  LOVE how they turned out. =)
And if you noticed, our ceiling color isn't white.. it's a khaki color.  Saw it in a magazine and LOVED the beige ceiling. Just adds interest to the room by not having boring white ceilings! 

Here's another cheap idea.  Let's see if you can guess what this is.. yes, it's a toilet.  But the arrangement above the toilet.  What do you think it's supposed to be?  
If you guess a wall plate holder, you are right!  I had this plate holder in our former house and I just couldn't find a place for it in our dinning room or kitchen.  I still like it and it matched our bedroom so it became a towel and picture holder.

I wanted all nickel finishes in our bathroom but that stuff is EXPENSIVE! Know what's not expensive, tho?  The cheapo brass or silver basic towel holders sprayed with nickel spray paint.  I'm serious.  The "His" and "Hers" signs are at Hobby Lobby and they didn't have the same finish so they got a coat of spray paint too.  I waited until they went 1/2 off and got them for about $3 a sign.  

Here is our bathroom. I think Darin still to this day HATES that I talked him into 2 separate mirrors (he wanted one large one) but look at how much charm it adds to the bathroom?  We actually got those mirrors for free when Darin went through the local lake house and got our 12 foot sliding glass door and window treatments.  I have no clue what color they were originally but I had painted them black before and they were in 2 separate areas of our house.. spray painted them white and put them up here.  Love. =)

Here is the opening into our bathroom.  I keep wondering if it needs a door??? Thoughts???  I'm sure when we sell it we'll ask the Realtor if we need to add one but for now it's super free-as-a-bird open!

And this is the door leading out to our dinning room...

So there you have it!  A few random decorating ideas and a sneak peak into our master bedroom. =) 


a.tonagel said...

ps. Ben hears, "But Darin did..." ALL the time. I wonder how many husbands across America have heard of Darin? :)

Becky said...

You have such good decorating taste! I wish I had your crafty gene :)

Becky said...

You have such great decorating taste! I wish I had your creativeness!

Jill H said...

very pretty!

Sarah said...

I adore your decorating style. So inspiring. Aaron is very crafty as well and it's SO nice that he can build anything I ask him to.

Jill said...

I really like the color choices, the monogram above the bed, the dividing wall between bedroom and bathroom, and it doesn't seem weird to me that there is no door to the bathroom either. I like your style. :)

Jewel said...

Wow, that's amazing. Thanx for letting us take a sneak peak!

Emily said...

you guys did a wonderful job!