Sunday, August 14, 2011

In honor of my 600th post...

I will share just one of the 600 things my poor hubby will have to do because he's going to be the daddy of 3 little girls...

Sport princess band-aids because we ran out of the normal ones. 

Unclog the shower drains 219 times in his life because their blond hair has clogged it up AGAIN.

Break up the 142nd "who had the doll first" fights.

Train 3 little girls how to ride the tiny Barbie bike without training wheels. 

And dry 364 tears because one of their friends hurt their feelings or some punk boy broke their heart.

Yell for the 492nd time in the bleachers as they play cuz I'm pretty sure our girls are going to be sports kinda of girls. 

Send 3 little girls away to college. 

Walk 3 little girls down the isle to their grooms that BETTER love them just as much as he does. 

It's so fun to see Darin with the 2 girls he already has. And talk about new baby Emery to come.  I love you Darin Jay and am so honored that my babies call you daddy. And I'm really sorry that I didn't have any normal band-aids. They are on the grocery list. 

You sure did look hot in the princess one, tho!

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