Friday, September 30, 2011

Lesson Learned

I usually keep my photography and normal blog separate but I felt led to share this story over here on my personal blog as well.  


Last weekend I had 4 sessions scheduled.  Then it rained buckets ALL WEEKEND and all 4 sessions needed rescheduled.  Monday I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with my already full schedule and now needing to find 4 more slots for the weekend rained out sessions. All while very pregnant and a due date creeping up on me very quickly.

Then some photographer friends got some new toys.  And I coveted a bit and started looking online for what my next new toy would be.  I've worked hard, right?  I started to feel like I deserved some new things!  Usually sessions keep me busy so I don't shop for new toys as much!  I started to be discontent with the equipment I have. 

Then I got a text from a client that made my worst photography nightmare come true.. we had scheduled a session together and I forgot to write it on my calendar.. I already had a full schedule on the day she thought i had her down for.  I have always had this fear that I'd completely forget about a session and stand a client up.

So I began throwing myself a pity party.  I made a HUGE mistake, had to reschedule a bunch of sessions due to rain and haven't had a fun new equipment toy for almost a year now.  

Ten minutes into my pity party I received a call from a client whom was in tears. Her sister in law (whom I met at an extended family session last November) had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Within days she had gone from feeling a few weird symptoms to learning she had multiple cancer spots in her body.  She has 3 young boys and is in her 30's.  My client was hesitant to ask but I am SO GLAD she felt led to ask if I had any time to do a session for this family before Heidi (mom) started treatments. She wanted to make some memories before the treatments might alter her looks or make her feel bad. 

Suddenly everything came into perspective.  

I don't take pictures to make a name for myself.

I don't take pictures to lift myself up.. give myself an identity other than "mom" or Darin's wife.

I take pictures to create memories. 

To document the love that people have for one another.  

God gave me an "eye" and some equipment to bless other people.  It really doesn't matter what camera or lens I'm shooting on... it matters that this family will have these pictures for the rest of their lives. 

My pity party ended, the search for a new toy is put on hold and I realized why it rained all weekend. I didn't even think twice about my work load because my work load didn't exist since I didn't have any sessions over the weekend!  I had no editing on my plate.  God even orchestrated the weather to cooperate so we could be outdoors in front of their home.. just what they wanted. I usually fret all day if it's raining and Tuesday it rained all day long.  I am serious when I say the rain quit 30 minutes before our session and started back up as I was driving away.  

God cares about the details. 

Enough about what I've learned and back to Heidi.  Please join with me and praying for her.. for ultimate healing and for peace during this trial in their lives. She has a caring bridge site the she's writing updates on her health.  It's already been a blessing to me and I'm guessing it will bless you as well.  They have a long road ahead to health and please help me lift her up in prayer to the ULTIMATE Healer.

 As you can see, her kids are young.. Theo is in the 3rd grade, Adam is in kindergarten and Ira is 14 months old. Thank you so much, Rhodes for asking me to capture your precious family during this trial in your lives.

I think of the verse, "she is clothed with dignity and strength" from Proverbs 31 when I look at this image...

Her mom was visiting as well so we were able to get some great images of her and her mama. 


Nicole Mehl said...

Amazing post Darcy, I really needed to read this today...thank you for being so honest, I so enjoy keeping up with your blog!

Ellemieke said...

Wow Darce, what a wonderful really brings tears to my eyes. Seeing Heidi who's starting the biggest fight in her life and thinking about my friend who heard today that she has won the battle...

Kathy Martin said...

What a story and beautiful family! You do have a special gift...these pictures are amazing! :)

Jewel said...

Oh, Darcy, tears are streaming down my face becuz those pictures are absolutely beautiful! You have captured Heidi & her family so well! Thank you for doing this!

Rebekah said...

Darcy, what a great post. Thanks for posting this, and thanks to Heidi for letting you share. Brings tears to my eyes...When I look at these photos, love looks like a real and tangible thing. Beautiful.