Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lotsa random schtuff

I used to post random happenings all the time on my blog and haven't done one in awhile.. so here we go!  No rhyme or reason to this blog post!

Last Friday Adie had a school field trip to the apple orchard.  Darin decided to take a personal day and attend the trip with her.  As he was putting her to sleep the night before she said, 

"daddy.. I'm going to call tomorrow the best day ever."

Man did that warm his heart!  

I sent him on the trip with my point-n-shoot and he promised to take pictures.  Very important ones like Adie stuffing her face with an apple.  

perfect. =)

The benefit of living in po-dunk-ville of Indiana is that you have family members that call you up on a Sunday evening and ask you if you want to go on a tractor pulled hay ride.  Um, Yes!  

Joya wasn't so sure... my happy go-lucky 2 year old had this expression the entire 45 minute ride..
but the older kids loved it!!!
(Sorry bout all the point-n-shoot images.. don't feel like hauling around my big dog camera along with the ginormous belly here lately!)

My girls have been attending a Wednesday night program at the church Darin attended in high school so my bro and sis-in-law called last night and asked if they wanted us to pick them up via hayride again.  So the girls got a hayride again but I couldn't help but think, 

"You might be a redneck if you don't know if a tractor driving by

 your house is to harvest a field or if it's your brother 

coming to carpool your kids to Wednesday night church."

Kinda hilarious but they loved it!  


Yesterday I had the honor of attending preschool with miss Adie Grace as she showed off her stellar abilities to be the line leader (aka your kid's snack day).  

Here she was yesterday...

This is Adie as line leader exactly a year ago.. oh my word she's grown up!!!

Took some images of her outside playing at recess too.  =)

Oh to be 4 years old again where your biggest worry is whether or not you'll play barbies or polly pockets when you get home from preschool!

We can't leave out baby Emery!  Grandma Holsopple finished her quilt the other day.  (Yeah, in like 2 weeks flat)  I LOVE the way it turned out! 

The more I wash it the more it will fray. Now we just need baby Emery to make the room complete!  34 weeks now and wondering when she'll arrive.  I have just 2 and a half weeks left of photo sessions so it would be nice to get all those in.  (most of them are seniors)  

Will she be an October baby or a November baby?  The selfish side of me wants her to be October because my birthday present from Darin is a mother's ring with my girls birthstone's.. haven't ordered it yet because I'm not sure which month Emery will come! I'm pulling for October because the birthstone is pink.. goes with Adie's emerald and Joya's diamond much nicer than the November orange stone.  

Yes, I am that vain.

And lots of you know how I feel about pink!  Pink threw up at our wedding!  Darin's a saint for letting me have that much pink. =)

My sis comes out to help (without her own boys!!!) from Nov 3-9th so it would be pretty handy for Emery to come then too.  I can't wait for my sis to be here. I am going to use and abuse her. Actually she's going to be a tremendous help and I'm SO thankful her family is giving her up for an entire week to spend with us!  We've always been pregnant together and this time she didn't get the PG memo.  We haven't helped each other out before sine we both had newborns at the same time and she wanted sooo badly to fill that whole of having-a-mom-when-you-bring-home-a-newborn for me.  I am so honored.  It's a big gap to fill and I know my house will be cleaner and my Emery will be sleeping through the night before she leaves!  Just (kinda) kidding!

Emery's due date is November 14th but my Adie came at 36 weeks 6 days and Joya came at 37 weeks 6 days.  Watch it be Thanksgiving and Emery isn't here yet.  

Um, that's what I call "really not funny".  

In other Emery news Darin approved her middle name. I LOVE it!  Been on our 1st name baby girl list for 3 pregnancies now!  Excited to finally use it!

And I 'll leave you with a cutie video of my Joy-Joy telling you that she's not my baby anymore (sniff, sniff).

I'm having troubles with that!  She's been attached to my hip for 2 and a half years now. Ahhhhh...

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Anonymous said...

okay...i think Jordan is in LOVE. He had me play that video over and over should have seen his face. We would finish watching Joya and then he would say, "Again!" In fact as I type this, he is asking to watch it another time. I mean, I don't blame him, she's a cutie pie!!