Wednesday, January 04, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - goals and rules edition

It's here!

My first {baby} weight loss wednesday blog post.  For those of you that haven't heard, every wednesday I'm posting about my weight loss journey and hope to inspire you as well.  I had my 3rd baby 2 months ago and we confirmed last Friday that she will be our last baby. Darin won't let me elaborate. I had a funny comment and he made me delete it. Good thing there's one classy person in the house!

So since my baby making days are over, I am more that ready to get this baby making body back in shape!  It usually takes me 9-10 months to get back down to my pre-baby weight and I'd love for my last time to not take that long.  I'm taking you all along on my journey and will let you know how much I'm loosing, maybe motivate you to shed a few pounds as well or even reclaim an area of your life that is out of control.  All with God's help, Yo. The only way to do it. =)

Thought long and hard about what I was going to talk about and I think I'm going to lay down some rules and goals for my journey on this first post.  These rules aren't meant to be legalistic in my life like food/exercising once was in college.. but they are meant to act like a guideline to see shed some baby lbs. I need to start out this strict because if I want to see some changes, this area of my life needs to be a bit regimined.    

Alright.. let's get started with some rules (for me.. not saying these need to be your rules)

Rule #1. Only weigh myself every other week. 
On Wednesday's. 
Preferably after I've nursed and pooped. =)  
I was so happy on Monday when I stepped on the scale and I was down 2lbs from my 6 week appointment that was 2 weeks ago.  And Christmas happened with all it's cookies, white trash and cheesy potatoes. Then I made the STUPID mistake of weighing myself yesterday morning. I was up 3lbs from Monday. So not cool. After a good cry and a reminder from Darin to not weigh myself every day, I vowed not to step on the scale for another 2 weeks. Amen. Weight fluctuates and I have a feeling I'm not going to drop weight super fast.. therefor stepping on the scale will be every other week. 

Rule #2. No white sugar. 
This is hard for me.
I love it... I'm the kind of girl that puts 1/4 cup sugar in my coffee because seriously.. who likes straight black coffee? Bleh.

The kind of girl that needs something sweet after lunch AND dinner to completely feel satisfied. 

The kind of girl that started to watch what I ate in the 90's when the "fat free" craze came out and all everyone worried about was fat and not the massive amounts of sugar they were putting in everything to make it taste good to compensate making it fat free. I've also read that sugar helps belly flub stick around and that's my problem area.. so no white sugar for the time being. 

Rule #3. Thou shall not finish my children's food. 
This is HUGE for me because for some reason I don't think nibbling off my kids' plates when they are finished aren't real calories. 
Some reason I think it's wasteful to throw their food away or cover it  up for them to eat later.  This mind set needs to change because I'd rather it go in the trash or take the time to put it into a container then to consumer extra calories AFTER my meal is finished. 
Joya reminded me of this last night when she finished and pushed her plate at me and said, "Mommy eat the rest?"  
Nothing like your 2 year old's words kicking you in the butt.

Rule #4 Exercise (minimum of 30 minutes) 5 times a week.  
I really do like to exercise.. I feel better. 
I can run up the stairs and not get winded.
I sleep better.
It makes me shower every day. =) 
It's just MAKING SURE I find the time daily or at least 5 times a week to be active. Let's face it.. we're all getting older and life and kids and busyness gets in the way.  But God CREATED these cool bodies of ours and I want it to be in tip top shape. 

Rule #5 MINIMAL white flour. 
It's hard to completely omit it when I cook for 3 other people. I'm cutting down on the amount of pasta I make and if I make rolls with dinner.. I will not partake. I want to be realistic and I want my healthy lifestyle to be sustainable when I do reach my goal weight... but white flour is like white sugar and it likes to make a tire around your waist. I don't need any help in that area.. 3 little girls made their homes there for 9 months and stretched that skin out just fine. =/  

Rule #6 Diet, caffeine free coke only 2 times a week.
This one is HARD for me!  I've had a can of CFDC every day for years.  It used to be normal DC but I gave up caffeine with Adie's pregnancy and realized I feel SOOOOO much better without it!  It really is a drug that I was addicted to.  So anyways, CFDC seems harmless but I realize that this is a crutch for me.  

I love it too much.

So I'm limiting it.. and detoxing it from my body.  I do want to allow myself to have a can once or twice a week because it's will be harmless when I put it back in place in my life. And Burger King's CFDVCC will be a great reward. (caffeine free diet vanilla cherry coke.. yes, I am serious. It's there and it's amazing!)

Now let's talk goals.

I have 20lbs to loose. 


I hate even admitting that because the next time you locals will look at me and try your darndest not to imagine me 20lbs lighter!  I know you will!  I would do it too. 

Anyway.. Darin motivated me to make a goal to when I wanted those lbs off. I said my birthday.. July 27th. He did the math for me because he's a genius like that and said I only need to loose 2/3 a lb a week. Woah, that is achievable!!  Especially since I am still nursing and have to keep a precise amount of calories for Emery. 

Another goal...

Some really cute jeans with the white stitching that I've been wanting. They got more popular while I was PG and I have craved them bad. So I got a size 5/6 and am 1 inch from zipping them up.  Once inch away but it makes a horrendous muffin top. =) So the goal is to wear these babies (with minimal muffin top) by March 1st. 

Oh yes.. these babies will be on. And I'll take a picture, K?

And this goal I'm not so sure about.. Darin's also been on a health kick and wants to run a mini marathon in July.  I am not sure if I'm completely on board yet because I loath long distance running.. but I'm open to the idea.  If we can't find a race locally to run then he said we'll map out 13 miles close to home and run it here. I might need some persuading on this one.. and an amazing reward once I've done it. =) 

So there we have it.  Some rules and goals for {baby} weight loss wednesday's. I didn't get into the book too much or too deep into what I'm eating and how I'm exercising but that will come in future posts.  

I will leave you with a scripture.. 

Hebrews 12:11
"No discipline seems pleasant at the time but painful.  Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it."

Come along and produce a harvest of righteousness with me.. and PEACE with our bodies!!!!  Righteousness can be a hard goal to achieve but it starts with the right choices every time. Every time you put something in your mouth.. make it the right choice. When you decide to exercise for 30 minutes instead of realizing you wasted 30 minutes on facebook, you've made the right choice. 

Come on gals.. map out your own goals and rules and we can do this journey together. 
Who's in?


Rene said...

Love that your putting all this out there. As you know I also had a baby almost 3 weeks ago. And am so looking forward to getting back into shape and pre baby wieght. I will look forward to reading your post every week.

e said...

oh darcy... you are inspiring. I wish I would have gotten back to my pre-baby self when my "babies" were actually babies. took me a LOT longer, but I must say... the maintance is still something. neverending is it? but good health is so worth it. cant wait to follow your journey xoxe

Team Tonagel said...

Been looking forward to this post! Ya mean, get off the couch and stop stalking blogs such as this? Gotcha! Thanks for the reminder! Looking forward to following along on your journey. Maybe it will encourage me to not indulge in everything I want for the remainder of my pregnancy! Good luck to you!!

Team Tonagel said...

P.S. I share a love for DC as well. Although my true love comes in the form of FDC (fountain diet coke).

Jess said...

You will do awesome! Amos and I are working on health goals as well. I am setting a number of "guy" push ups and lbs of weight I can lift for my goals :) I struggle with weights :) I just wanted to say you can totally do the mini marathon! I know it pushes the goal sooner, but the Sunburst in June is a very friendly run and beautiful scenery! The run walk method is a good one! Also, Amos and I did a marathon run from Syracuse to was is so much easier to run with a big group of other people :)

Shannon said...

I am so on board and on my new blog I am also doing a weight loss from Made to Crave :) You could always do the Mini Marathon at the Sunburst! I will only be doing the 10K b/c I am doing the Indy Mini. Oh and also? 20 pounds is my exact goal! Miss you friend!!!!

Kat said...

rule number one almost made me spit out my food! yep, be sure to feed and poop before you weigh ;) also try to do it as early as possible.... and good call on every 2 weeks. i should do that. i do every week, but sometimes even that stresses me out.
can't wait to see you in your new cute jeans!
ps- run a 1/2, it is an amazing experience. and if you ever doubt yourself, remind yourself that you gave birth to three beautiful girls. you can do anything ;)

Erin said... Here is your mini marathon. And it is for an exceptional cause! :)

Kelsey said...

I think I will be doing Weight Loss Wednesdays with you as well....but don't count on it being a weekly post!! Good goals, I'm working on my specifics. :) PS. How do you feel about making "separate" meals for your family? I think that's the toughest! Seeing them eat what I maybe I should make them eat what I am?! Can't decide what I think about that!!

JoanneP said...

Love your blog, Darcy! I have been following it for a while now. I just wanted to add to what you are taking out of your diet or limiting. After having 3 girls of my own, I have lost 75 lbs over the past year and have another 20-25 to go. I did it by myself with diet and exercise. One thing I changed in my family's diet as well as my own was cooking with whole wheat pastas and substituting whole wheat for white in most of my baking (including cookies and cakes) and to be honest my family didn't really notice the difference and I am feeding them so much healthier. I refuse to cook different meals for my family, I just found it to be too hard. I think my family should eat what I am eating as long as it is healthy, especially as it will benefit them in the long run. I also cut sugar in a lot of my recipes. If the recipe says 1 cup I start by cutting it to 3/4 cup and checking the taste, if it's still sweet next time you bake that recipe cut it down some more. I've managed to cut the sugar in half in some of my recipes (of course some don't turn out so good). A great website to check out for healthy tasty recipes is Thanks for sharing your weight loss journey with us and I will be following along and hopefully losing my final 20 lbs right along with you! :)

Nikki said...

I have absolutely NO doubt that you will rock this! Love you!

Katie said...

How inspiring! And timely (considering I stepped on the scale today for the first time in a long time and it was.not.pretty.)! I've been reading your blog for awhile now & have never commented. But wanted to say that I ran my first 1/2 marathon last year and I'm not a fan of running at all (it's a great workout, but it's really no fun). I can tell you it's totally attainable with the right training schedule & discipline. And man, do you feel awesome afterwards! If you decide to do it, best of luck!!

Jewel said...

May God bless you on this new journey of yours!