Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - food edition

Today I'll get into the nitty-gritty of what my eating plan is.  Next week I'll do my exercising plan. 

There's no name to it or any kind of website I can guide you to.. just something I came up with.  I had a lot of help from one of my best friends, Erin.. she did a lot of what I'm doing but more extreme last year at this time to loose 65lbs of her own baby weight. "More extreme" meaning she is super creative and does research on how to cook things like quinoa. I can't even say quinoa yet alone know how to cook it! (It's an AMAZING blog with all kinds of recipes so go on over and salivate and be healthy doing it!!)

Ok.. what I eat.  As I told you last week I'm cutting out as much white flour and white sugar as possible. Someone asked me how I'm doing that because "isn't sugar in everything?"  
Um, yes.
My goal is to not eat refined sugars.. this means I eat sugars that are natural.. those found in fruits, milk products, carrots, raw honey, etc.. those I'm eating. I'm staying away from diet foods, artificial sweeteners, cookies, brownies, etc. With the white flour.. I am allowing myself to eat wheat flour so I'm still able to do sandwiches at lunch with wheat bread if I'd like or even have a piece with an egg white omelet in the morning. (make sure there it's solely wheat flour.. they trick you with a lot of "wheat" bread and stick white flour in there too!) 

Here's what I ate today: 

Breakfast: Strawberry Greek Yogurt (Aldi) with 1/3 cup of granola, 1 cup orange juice (probably should give up the orange juice but I haven't had a cold in over a year.. I'll say it's from the vitamin C and the marvelous taste is just a bonus.)

Snack: hard-boiled egg with 1/2 the egg yolk

Lunch: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, 4 super thin slices of turkey, plain greek yogurt instead of mayo and pickles
handful of plain baked chips

Snack:  1/2 an apple and sugar free/flour free oatmeal cookie

Oatmeal Drop Sugar Free Cookies
1 1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup coconut flakes
1/2 t. salt
1 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. all spice
1/2 cup almond meal
1/2 cup mixed nuts, finely chopped
1 cup dried fruit
2 ripe bananas, mashed
1/2 cup canola oil
1 t. vanilla

350 degrees for 20 min on parchment paper. 

Dinner: Sante Fe Crock Pot Chicken with brown rice, a handful of whole wheat pita chips and a pretty large and in charge "side" salad. Spinach, romaine, carrots, mushrooms and cucumbers. Did Fat Free Ranch with that.. (haven't given up that diet food yet!)

Snack: I might split a Monster Spinach Shake with Darin. 
(I am writing this Tuesday evening) I'll let you know how tasty it is.

I try to drink as much water as I can stand. I got some great advice from the moms into fitness website that suggests that you drink a big ol' glass before each meal and one in between.  We might all float away but I'm trying it!

My goal is to get 100 grams of fiber and 100 grams of protein a day. Not sure I've hit it yet but by golly, I'm going to try!  Last week I made an amazing black bean soup and ate that every day for lunch. I tweaked the recipe a bit but man, it was good AND filling!  I had to make myself eat a snack last week because I just wasn't hungry. (trying to make sure I keep my calorie count up for the nursing and the exercising I'm doing.)

I've also taught myself to like greek yogurt. I remember the first time I tried it I called Erin and told her she was crazy loco for eating yet alone liking greek yogurt. I thought it tasted like straight up sour cream. And a bad version of sour cream at that.  BUT I found a yogurt that I like at Aldi of all places! 89cents a small container.. have one every day. I've also used the plain stuff in cooking and Darin's actually liking it now.  He's finally looked at the nutrition label and realizes how crazy good it is for ya.  Basically it has a crap-ton of protein in it and all the other benefits of yogurt like live-cultures and such.  Usually don't like to eat things that are "live" but they help your digestive system so eat that yogurt! I even replace it for mayo on my turkey sandwiches. There's a great ranch dip recipe I want to try with it as well. So yeah. Learn to love greek yogurt and it will help you in the protein department. 

I have another goal to eat a bag of spinach on my own every week. I did it last week. =) Before dinner as I was preparing if I had the munchies I wrapped 3 leaves of spinach around a baby carrot and man, it was good!

So there's a peak into what I'm eating.
Again.. it's all about choices. My hubby and girls ate this on Saturday morning...
While I ate this: 

A one full egg and 3 egg white omelet with spinach and fresh mushrooms with a plain piece of wheat toast. 

Did I want the pancakes?  
They smelled good but I was actually content with my omelet!  I'm so determined to NEVER see this weight again that I'm going to stick to my plan. = ) 

One little scripture to leave you with as I close up this food addition of the {baby} weight loss wednesday blog.. a scripture that was in Made to Crave a few times that I NEVER applied in the food department of my life.  Here it is, plastered by the handle of my frig to make me think when I pull food out...

I want beneficial things to enter my body.  
Things to make me strong.
Food that helps me keep up with my little ladies.
Food that makes me healthy, not feel guilty after I eat it.
Stuff that keeps me energetic for my hubby. (he's hard to keep up with!)
I want my body to be a tip-top vessel where Jesus can live. 

We only do this "life" thing once.  Are you putting beneficial things into your mouth to make this life worth living? 


The Schmidts said...

hi darcy-
so you don't know me, well you may vaguely remember me, we went to the same high school & now we know lots of the same people because i go to 808... anywho.
i too am attempting to say adios to baby weight once & for all! my little man was born nov 1 so we've got a lot in common! i am blogging about my adventure too & eating a lot of the same things you are- and reading made to crave, cuz it's cray-zee good!

anyways, thanks for the extra inspiration & i had to tell you about one little thing i discovered this week that changed my life (well, may be not)
but i eat a lot of salad too & in the produce section you can find a yogurt salad dressing in ranch (& other flavors) & it is super yum. i'm trying to find recipes to make it myself but it is crazy low calories & fat. (45 cal 3g fat)
so wow, this is a long comment, but hopefully the ranch tidbit was worth it! i'm thinking a fb page may be in order to share little nuggets like this??

emily0717 said...

During my pregnancy, I bought the 6 ounce 100% juice boxes. I craved juice like crazy, but the portion control kept it to 100 calories. I have continued this even after pregnancy - juice calories can add up - even though it's probably not as cost effective. I always buy the brand on sale, though. :)

Sarah said...

After reading Iowa Girl Eats blog and now your blog, I am going to give Greek yogurt a try... I've heard mixed reviews so we'll see, but I have a ton of recipes that call for it so I need to cave in at some point.

As for the spinach... I could eat spinach all day long! I'm just glad that it's good for me too :) I plan on making the spinach shake tonight!

Thanks for being so inspiring. You make eating healthy sound so good!

Shannon said...

Awesome friend :) I gave a shout out to you on my blog today :) I am making Pat do our breakfast meal when I am gone. He put all his lunch food up high where I can't reach it :)

Love the motivation and inspiration of this!

Stephanie Farlow said...

Question about the Black Bean Soup. You used the fenugreek leaves? Where did you find those? The recipe sounds good, so I'd like to give it a try.
As far as Greek yogurt is concerned, I really prefer it over normal yogurt. It is thicker, and not quite as sour. I never really did like normal yogurt, though. I have been eating the Greek, lately, though! =)

Stephanie Farlow said...

Question about the Black Bean Soup. You used the fenugreek leaves? Where did you find those? The recipe sounds good, so I'd like to give it a try.
As far as Greek yogurt is concerned, I really prefer it over normal yogurt. It is thicker, and not quite as sour. I never really did like normal yogurt, though. I have been eating the Greek, lately, though! =)

Jewel said...

I think your egg plate looks delicious!!! In my opinion, better than those pancakes! :) I LOVE that 1 Corinthians verse! Didn't know it existed. :) Thanx for posting it.

Amber Johnson said...

LOVE it! Love following you and I'm proud of your choices. I'm working to get off this baby weight too. Two baby's in a year took a toll on my body. I love the food ideas! Thank you!
I couldn't do any dairy when I nursed my kiddos. They got super fussy. I miss my yogurt!
Many blessings!

Darcy said...

Hey Darcy I made the Monster Spinach milkshake today for lunch. It was good I was surprised! Got to love Pinterest for great ideas.

Andrew and Denise said...

So proud of you lil sis! keep up the good work. And remember eat to live not live to eat! i ran today for the first time in forever. got 3 miles in and felt great. I walked briskly for 5 min. and then ran at a 10 min. mile pace for 5 min. alternating for 38 min. Walked a little longer on the last. you decided to run yet? I know i am jumping ahead to next week but you know me . . .

Shannon said...

I am doing pretty much the same thing that you are but I am a vegetarian. My first week was more of a detox so I ate only fruits & vegetables, basically. This week I have tried Quinoa Spaghetti & southwest style quinoa (yum!). It really hasn't been that hard but it is amazing how sugar is pretty much in everything. I have been using honey but I don't think it is raw...I guess I need to hunt that down. I'm glad you're documenting your journey here, especially since I am doing the same thing at the same time!

Tierny said...

have you tried protein pancakes? they are pretty good and made with egg whites,cottage cheese, oatmeal , and a bit of cinnamon and vanilla. If you have not tried them just google it and there are quite a few recipes.