Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New bathroom

My hubs is a teacher. 
This means he had a 2 week break off for Christmas. We had a lot of family shin-digs and he had a bit of a surgery.  Not much around the house got accomplished like it usually does!  He looooves a good project and if I can dream it and draw it up, he'll build it!  The boy can't sit still and loves to build, build and build some more. 

The second day he was back at school a new bathroom design for the girls popped into my head and I emailed him and asked if he was interested in remodeling the bathroom that weekend. Apologized that I didn't think of remodeling the bathroom DURING his 2 week break. 
The email I got back was, "when we going to Menard's?"

I love that boy. 

So $105 later (no joke.. yes.. for everything thus far!), 4 hard workin' days of painting, putting up wainscoting, some shopping, nailing up crown molding and some more painting.. we are almost finished. There are still a few little things that need done but it was done enough for me to take pictures to show you all our new bathroom! 

Most of ya know we completely remodeled this home to make it what it is today. And yes, we had remodeled this bathroom when we moved in.  But that's been 5 years so it was in need of a face-lift again!  I am running out of rooms to re-do so they are getting re-re-done again!

Her it is before and after...
Dark Chocolate brown with a black vanity and a shower curtain that I wasn't fond of. at all. 
And now here it is...
We had the shower curtain.. we actually got it as a wedding gift that we only used for a year at our old house!

Lots of ideas off pinterest.. including my favorite part of the bathroom.. the girls' silhouettes. 
Another pinterest idea.. these shelves behind the john. Good storage and looks great too. The girls' bows and headbands are in the white baskets. 
And since it's the girls' bathroom.. I wanted the emblem for a public bathroom's ladies room to be somewhere in the room.  Here it is on one of the shelves.  Just found the image online and tracked it onto my cardstock, cut it out and added some rub-ons.. scrapbooking. I miss you!
So here is the before, the 2nd before and the after. 

I love how bright and white it is. (My external flash helps out a bit in the lighting department of the image too!)

And I had to include this picture. Trying to show you the back of the john's shelves and take a look at the hand print on the mirror...

I had just cleaned the mirror. So no matter how bright and white the bathroom is, it's still the girls' bathroom.  It will always have hand prints on the mirror, Joya's pants on the ground because she's allergic to keeping them on after she potties and there will always be globs of toothpaste in the sink. 

I love it. =)


Kat said...

love it! looks amazing!
you should do a tutorial on how you did the pictures of the girls, so cute (the frame sillo-i can't spell- ette things)

and i have a feeling you're talking about the same type of surgery that my steve will be having when baby #3 arrives ;) made me giggle

ebeing said...
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Karissa said...

I love it!

Aabell said...

You make me want to get back into a house we OWN again so badly! (We are renting in Buffalo until we sell our house in the burgh...). How did you do the silouttes? They are beyond adorable. Great job!

travertine tiles said...

The new bathroom is a massive improvement, so light and semmingly spacious (i wish our bathroom was this tidy) - The colours of the walls and the floor tiles work really well, and I like the framed pictures. - great job

Anonymous said...

What an improvement. And oh my gosh - that "original"!! I forgot how awful it looked when you bought it! This takes me on a sentimental journey - the tour you & Darin took me on past this bathroom back to the bedroom on the right with the sign that said, "Baby's Nursery"! Yeeeessssss! AMAZING what all has happened in the 5 short years since 2006!!! I absolutely love this bathroom that displays your creativity, your humor (the LADIES sign is so cute!), and your taste! As you know I'm partial to earth tones, and this just is beautiful with your red accents and the charm of "our" girls' sillhouettes! I gotta give a thumbs up to my son as well - those 2X6 shelves are pretty resourceful and the molding tops it off. Liked the mirror shot, too, Darcy! Kathy