Friday, January 13, 2012

You all thought...

I was only going to post on Wednesday's and ignore the blog the rest of the week,eh?  

Well.. that's the way it's been looking!  =/

Sorry!  Life is blazing by, as always. I can't really blame it on not being home because we're actually home more than we've ever been before!  I've never had a newborn in the winter and it's so much easier to stay at home then to tote around all 3 girls in the cold!  Last week we stayed home from Monday night until Friday afternoon when I got to go to the post office and bank by myself.  I just about skipped all the way there because I was so anxious to get out of the house!  Here's a few things we've been up to: 

*My mother's ring came in. =) I LOVE it!  Darin got it for me for my birthday and Christmas combined.  I had someone tell me that they were watching on Facebook to see if I had Emery in October or November to get the pink birthstone I wanted.  Atlas.. she was born in November so the poor thing is stuck with an orange birthstone. I do, however, LOVE it on my ring!  Got the colors of the rainbow on the ol' ring!

*On a whim last Friday afternoon I emailed Darin at work and asked him if he was up for re-modeling the girls' bathroom.  
He was. 
So we spent all last weekend painting, painting and painting some more.  We'll hopefully finish up this weekend and and I'll post pictures next week. I LOVE it!  Almost to the decorating phase and I always look forward to that the most. =)

*Adie started Upwards Cheer-leading last week. She came home and told me that she really liked her "ackward" cheer-leading practice.  Man that kid says some funny things!

*Emery is already past 2 months old and she's getting so smiley!  She loves her bath time in the evenings. =)

 And speaking of.. the baby is waking up so off to cuddle while the other two are napping.  

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Jewel said...

Love the ring! Of course the pics of Emery are adorable!