Friday, February 24, 2012

This picture...

Just wanted to journal out what this picture makes me feel when I look at it: 

* Holy cow!  How did the Lord think I could handle 3 girls???

* I wonder why Joya is smiling with her tongue out?  She never does that.

* I never want to punish them ever again. The next naughty moment I'm sure I'll change my mind. 

* Mannnnnn Emery's really looking like my baby pictures!

* I can't wait to stain my new backdrop.  =)

* I hope they are the best of friends.  Some days they are.. matters who want to share their Polly Pockets. 

* Not sure I shoulda done a pink bow for Joya.. it's bigger than her head.

* This picture totally shows their personalities.. Adie is usually super put together. Oldest child syndrome.. I swear some days I'm raising my sister's mini-me. Joya is smiling from ear to ear like normal.. You can see the onery-ness oozing from her.  And I wonder what Emery's personality will be?  So far she loves to jibber jabber and watch our reaction to her funny jokes!

* I hope Emery's blue eyes stay so someone will have Daddy's gorgeous blue's!

* Emery's hair patch is looking more and more like a balding man that should really start shaving his head. =/ 

* You can totally tell Adie's still sucking on her lower lip while she sleeps because it's pouty. Or swollen, one of the two. 

* Man I love them. =)

*I am going to do my darndest to instill self-confidence in them.

* I sure am glad we named Joya, Joya. Her name totally fits her personality!

* There is a lot of estrogen in this picture.  Can't wait til 2020 through 2030.. those blasted teenage years.. 

* Man I love them.

* I really need to scrapbook all these thoughts.

* Wish I could wear a double chin as well as Emmie does! 

* Can I freeze this moment in time? 

Ahhhhh.. I love them.   Thank you Jesus for my family!!!


Superlole said...

Super cute!! I love all the comments!! I was laughing especially at the crazy thoughts (like 3 teenage girls!!!) I have no idea how those years are gonna look in our house too! Thanks for the afternoon chuckles!

Brekke said...

What a sweet picture! I love how you wrote down all of your thoughts, I may have to steal your idea and do this with a favorite photo soon :)

Jill said...

Wonderful picture! I love it!

Nikki said...

I love them too :) You are blessed! (but you already know that!)

Jewel said...

Love your random thoughts on the pic!