Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - I hate my metabolism edition

Who all has made a comment (or five) about their metabolisms?  

I am totally raising my hand right now, just so you know. =) 

What if we stepped back and took a different look at our metabolisms and the body God has given us. I know in the past I've been SO jealous of friends that can eat whatever they want and stay skinny, skinny. 

And do they exercise? 
Oh no.  They don't, of course. 

I am actually thankful now (to some extent, I won't lie) that I have a body and a metabolism that requires me to exercise. It sure would be easy to not have to eat right and exercise daily.  BUT I have a very compulsive personality and know that I would over-indulge every time.  If I could eat ice cream every night and not gain an ounce?  Heck yeah I would eat ice cream every night!  Pass the spoon and some carmel too! I would NOT exercise the fruit of the spirit of self control, oh no. 

I will be MUCH healthier in the long run with the body and metabolism God has given me.  Reading another book by Lysa Terkeurst  and she has a great quote about coveting what others have. 

 "I am not equipped to handle what they have.. both good and bad"

What an eye-opener of a phrase for me! I never thought of it that way.. when I want something good someone else has, I have to realize that I'm also asking for the bad that comes along with it.  Just like my marriage.. Darin and I have something REALLY good.  I mean super good. I'm guessing that along the way in our 7 years someone has coveted the relationship Darin and I have. BUT that relationship came after A TON of hurt from my first marriage and some pasts hurts that Darin overcame too. Our GOOD relationship is what it is today because of some BAD that happened in the past. 

I would LOVE to be able to eat whatever I wanted. BUT with my family history of health I would be more likely to take advantage of my body. I wouldn't take care of my vessel if I could eat whatever I             wanted. I would take it for granted.  AND I would be living in excess!  I know my personality!  I'd have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, thank you very much!!  Having a pity party for yourself is a clue that you are relying on your own strength, a strength that has failed me before and will fail me again.

            Also, think of boundaries as a gift from God who cares about our health, not restrictive fences meant to keep us from enjoying life. I know my doggie Wrigley HATES his fence but it keeps him safe by not chasing cars as they drive 40 MPH on our road. And from humping the next door neighbors dog too, but that's a whole nother blog post. 

            All boils down to God giving me the metabolism I have for my own good.  And the fact that he doesn't make mistakes. I'm exactly what he made me to be. My body is sllllllowly getting back to normal after having Emery. I even made the comment to Darin the other day that I was kinda glad I had to work super hard to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I mean, I would love for it to melt off on it's own but I am putting in MAJOR blood, sweat and tears along with major sacrifices to achieve my goals. And that feels pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. =) 


island jen said...

i love that quote Darcy...really puts things in perspective!

Kat said...

awesome post- and a great way to look at things! i will have to remember this in about 6 months when I'm trying to lose the baby weight (yet again!)
keep up the good work :)

Laura said...

Love reading along with your weight loss! I often think about how nice it would be to have a friends metabolism but you are right on about the blessing of having to practive self-control! Thank you for sharing that.

Beth Moore has a video on youtube 'Physical Health' that has been the most encouraging thing for me. Thought i'd pass it along for encouragement to you. The message she shared was incredibly simple and has been working for me. I don't want to be in bondage to food or working out and I want to be the best 'Laura' not the best laura when she was in high school.
Thanks for posting your journey of losing weight! it's been nice to know i'm not alone. :)

jen said...

never knew you were married before!