Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - exercise DVD edition

Um, I am in love. 


With my Jesus, my hunky man, 3 little ladies AND a workout DVD program.

Some of you know I tried the Insanity workout system a month ago or so.  With a hurt back. Completely jacked up back, actually. So I decided to stop the insanity of Insanity and try a different series by Beach Body.  I purchased Turbo Fire and 

I. Love. to. Workout. Again.   

It is a perfect fit for me. Crazy, insane kickboxing routines done by a super high energy instructor who's super uplifting (was a bit tired of Jillian Michel's chip on her shoulder and emphasis on upper body. No me gusta bulky girlie guns).  Each of the 15 DVD's are different with different times. Anywhere from 15 min to 55 min.. I LOVE it!  Be ready to suck wind with the short DVD's.. they are short for a reason!  She does random "fire drills" during each work out and you do jumping and crazy insane moves for a 60 seconds. I am dripping with sweat when I'm finished. It's a "you-could-ring-out-your-undies-after-you're-finished" kind-a workout. Sorry, that was probably TMI. =)

I've been doing it for a week and a half now and lost over an inch off my belly and 3 lbs. I LOVE it!  Look forward to sweating my booty off every morning. Sure do! 

So what weight do I have left to loose? About 8-9 lbs to go and I'm at my goal!  Jeans are fitting great.. just have a bit of a muffin top that is haunting me. BUT it stuck around with my other two girls until I was finished nursing. Hoping to get rid of it before I'm done nursing but at least I know it skedaddles once she's weened! Really hoping to go to 12 months this time.. only made it to 10 months with the other 2. When I was wrestling Joya to lay down and nurse.. and when she nursed on all 4's and I felt like a cow milking.. we weened. =) You could say we both were a bit "over" it. That was probably again TMI. But you are STILL reading my blog so you must be sticking around to see what else comes out of my mouth!  Ha!

So, hip-hip hurray for Turbo Fire!  Go get yourself the system!  HIGHLY recommended!

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