Wednesday, May 02, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - exercise break edition


Two visits to the chiropractor in 1 week has put my Insanity workout to a halt. I've been dealing with some back pain and yesterday my trip to the chiro confirmed I need to take a break so it can heal. =(  I hate starting something and not finishing it.  

Hate it. 

I'm walking now for exercise in case you were wondering. No other {baby} weight loss updates other than that. =( Pretty bummed... 


BUT birthday celebrations and party planning have been consuming our lives here lately! It's late spring so that means Joya turned 3 (April 30th) and Adie turns 5 (May 10th)!  Emery just hit the big 6 month mark so her session will be coming up soon.  AND the building of my studio is in full swing. I'll leave you with pictures of all the above!

Miss Joya.. 

My big almost in kindergarten Adie!

And Emery Ellison at 6 months!

Here's my studio in process!  Darin and the girls are standing in front of my ginormous north facing window. Once Darin has all the MDF up on the roof the windows will go in!  Can't wait to see how much light will be in there!

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