Thursday, May 03, 2012

craft dummy

I was feeling really good about myself about 20 minutes ago.  

I got these cute pots and grass at IKEA on Saturday and decided they needed dressing up for the girls' party. 

So I crafted up a little banner with the help of the little ladies. They thought it was fun. =) Stickers.. a glue stick.. I was thinking, 

"Man, we need to craft every day.. this is awesome!"


"i am so glad these stickers still stick considering I haven't scrapbooked since 1993." 
Well, not really but it feels like it. 

and thought to myself, 

"next year I need to set aside an entire day to craft for their party cuz I love this so much!"

And this is the end result: 

Cutie-patootie banner as a table decoration. 

And I even had the amazing idea of doing the back side: 

And when I glued it up and took a good look at it I laughed to myself... 

Who is ayoj and eida? 

I'm not the smartest crafter in the bunch... 


Becky said...

Those are cute! I love the pots from Ikea :)

Myra of Mommy+Me Lunchbox said...

been there, done that! lol!