Wednesday, May 09, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - sugar fast edition

Hi there! I told you all about a month ago that I was letting little bits of sugar back into my diet. Well.. I feel  like I have no longer been denying myself much. The girls' birthday parties happened this past weekend and even tho I had just a tiny sliver of cake with no ice cream.. I still feel like I don't have sugar in the "place" in my life that it needs to be. I started craving it again and that feeling had gone away when I was hard core deleting it from my life. 

So today I will not let sugar cross my lips. 

Kinda calling it a sugar fast for the day. 

And maybe tomorrow. 

Or however long this takes. 

And I know this isn't hard for a lot of you.. but it is for me. I LOVE sugar.. sometimes it seems like I crave sugar more than I crave Jesus and my time with him and I really don't like that. God's craving time with ME so I am called to do the same!

Maybe God is calling you to remove something from your own life too. A few weeks ago the girls and I didn't watch any TV all day to fast along with my husband whom was fasting food. I tell you what.. it was SO renewing to find other things to do and was such a good reminder to talk to Jesus more during our day. When there's not background noise going on or TV to entertain us, it's amazing how much more you actually have conversations with JC!  

So yeah, not sure if there's something in your life you need to fast from as well.. but I know today mine is sugar. And maybe tomorrow too. And possibly Friday.. gotta get this lesson learned!


Rachel Malstaff said...

love this :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Darcy! I'm "fasting" from work at my desk. I usually clock out and continue to work, but today I found "More Left Unseen" on my Desktop and decided to read (and do what my employer intends me to do with a lunch break). Just want to affirm you & the girls for your day of fasting from TV the day Darin fasted from food. What creative thinking! Awesome! I am so "with you" in regard to finding it refreshing to not always have background music or TV on. Blessings as you continue your journey, and thanks for ths post. Love you - Kathy