Thursday, May 10, 2012

wanted: "B"

2 weeks ago the unthinkable happened. 

She'd been with us for 3 years. 

She was ratty and battered but so loved. 

She was attached to a certain 3 year old CONSTANTLY.

She's covered many baby dolls to soothe them to sleep...

Got lots of car rides and was frequently stuff in a barbie purse.

Joya didn't leave home without her.. 

I'm speaking of her "B". 

She named her "B" very early on because she couldn't say blanket or blankie. The name "B" stuck very quickly. 

And then 2 weeks ago she came up missing. Grandma nor Darin or I knew where she was. Usually she goes missing for a few hours and we always find her in a purse, under her pillow or was left in the van. Not this time.. Joya cried herself to sleep when it hit day 2 without "B". 

I knew Joya was super sad when she asked me to make her a new "B" for her 3rd birthday. Bless her heart!  I made her one quick but it just wasn't the same. =(

Adie even drew her a picture during the time where "B" was gone and it broke my heart!  She said it was a picture of Adie finding it for her and giving it to her. Break your heart...

I couldn't think about it too much either or I got super sad!  It was the kind of thing I'll probably sew a tiny part of inside her wedding dress on the day she gets married. 

It's been apart of her for 3 years. 

She LOVES her "B"! You can see it in this blog post a year ago.  And on a FB picture as she drew a number for a giveaway.  (3rd picture in)  Just a few online pictures I found. 

And then 2 days ago the girls were playing in the basement while I was on the elliptical and I heard a shrill shout (what Joya does best)... 
"MY "B"!!!"

"B" was found in the toy chest in the basement.  Joya, Adie and I all screamed with joy and "B" hasn't left Joya's side since. It's back to it's home all spread out under her head every nap and night-time. 

 And if anyone has an extra one of these, I'll buy it from you! I've looked for a back-up for 3 years and have yet to find one!  I think Carter's makes it. Thanks!


Jewel said...

I am soooo glad she found it! That is absolutely adorable that she lays on top of it spread out under her head! So precious!

Anonymous said...

Random to come across this, but is this your blankie?

I hope so, because at that price you can buy a lot of backups! :)