Monday, May 14, 2012


The other night Darin took the girls out to fly kites while I cleaned up our dinner dishes.  

He told me to grab my camera cuz the girls were having so much fun.  

I cannot BELIEVE I got this picture.. take a look at the first one and then the second.. 
What are the odds that Adie could make her kite dive into her sister jumping on the trampoline? 
Knocking all 26 pounds of her over!
We laughed so hard!

I just love how Darin plays with his girls!


Jewel said...

Kite flying is so fun! And that is amazing that it toppled Joya over!

Kat said...

oh my goodness- that would have cracked me up too! I love those parenting moments ;)
It's funny, we've been talking about going kite flying with Jessica!