Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Joya's first day of preschool

With all the talk of Adie being in kindergarten, Joya is quick to remind us that she's going to be in preschool too. 

Well, today was the day. 

We finally agreed on something for her to wear (which only took 5 minutes this morning instead of the usual 15 minutes. She's either going to be way into fashion or she's just being a stink-pot just to be a stink-pot about every article of clothing she wears.) She lugged her Cinderella backpack over her back and as it hung to her knees we grabbed a few pictures by the front door. 

I didn't edit out her boo-boo on her cheek because it's totally her.. there's usually some sort of bruise or cut somewhere on her body! 

Tiny, she is!
My little 30lb 3 year old pre-schooler!
 Totally need to sweep my front porch. =/
 And we always do this picture by the preschool sign.. my girls with their buds on the first and last day of school. Joya's best friend is Shelby and she calls Elijah "her boy". 
 One night at dinner she was talking about who was going to be in her class and she said, "Elijah will be in there. He's my boy." 

So apparently she's got her mark on him at the early age of 3. =)

And usually I crop out what the church's sign says for the bi-annual preschool picture.. but the theme cracked me up. For some reason the sermon series is about hell at the same time our preschoolers are entering their building... coincident? I think not!
She had a great time.. and I don't think she got in trouble for talking.  

Prettttttty sure that talking out of turn will be her vice. 

I have no clue where she gets it from. =)

She did tell me that they had cookies and water for snack and that she met another Natalie that wasn't her aunt Natalie. And that some poor boy didn't know the words to "Jesus Loves Me." 

Oh, my Joy-Joy!

Watch out world, Joya is in preschool!

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