Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Emery at 10 months

So much hub-bub about my older ladies going to school that I couldn't leave out the baby! My 10 MONTH OLD baby!  We are 2 months away from the dreaded 1 year b-day. I think it's going to be super hard for us. This is the end of our baby years! 

But I'm pretty sure she's going to live out "being" the baby for quite some time. Like maybe her whole life. =) Dedicating this post to my quirky baby Emery!

Snapped a few pictures of her after her nap this afternoon. Amazing lighting and a happy little girl! She has been my only girl that leaves teeth marks on the crib. =/ 

She isn't walking but it getting close. She stands for 10 seconds or so on her own and waits for us to notice and clap and cheer for her. She loves her hippo walker.. as you can see here. It gets her where she needs to be. 

What she does not like is when her sisters put her IN the hippo walker. As seen below:

She loves to talk. She's doing "da-da-da" and "Wa-wa-wa". Again, she waits for us to clap and cheer for her when she jibber jabbers. I think you've noticed a theme here with the clapping and cheering. =)

She is a bit shy. If she's on my hip and you try to take her and hold her? Good luck.. never works. She's a lover of mommy's hip! Altho she does love daddy. She's got that over Joya.. Joya didn't like Darin much until about 18 months.. broke his heart!

She has always had the ability to go from upset to crazy happy in 2.0 seconds.. as seen below. She's been a finicky baby and a bit fussy. Lately she's been better because she crawls herself all over the place and keeps herself busy!

And her biggest love.. her sisters. She's crazy about them! When she sees Adie get off the bus she kicks and smiles from ear to ear. Just loves her sisters!


a tonagel said...

Hey Addie and I are sporting the same hairstyle today. :) Well actually i wear a headband like that almost everyday.
Emmy sure is cute!!!!!

Jewel said...

Emmy just sounds adorable. I love Adie's hair in the last picture! Your girls are adorable!