Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my little stinker bomb =)

How should we have spelled "Emery"? 


She's into EVERYTHING right now!  

So proud of herself for climbing up the steps like her big sisters. (You can't see Darin behind her making sure she doesn't fall over)

And there is one cabinet that she's figured out how to get the child lock open. 

And there lies some Doritoes. 

You can see I caught her a little late because she has a Dorito beard.. along with the doggie. 

And she falls so much these days and bruises up her face that I want to make her a shirt that says, 

"don't call CPS..
I'm learning to walk"

The toddler days seem to have begun!

1 comment:

Very Sleepy Girl said...

my 11-month-old could use that same shirt!