Friday, September 28, 2012

She walks!

I think it's safe to say.. the baby is walking. =(

Sniff, sniff. 

At least she waited almost an extra month than when Joya walked to we could enjoy her babyhood a little bit more. Em will be 11 months on next Tuesday. 

She thinks she's so cool.. and loves a good round of applause when she takes some steps. Um, who wouldn't!?!?!

Also go to go to pumpkin day at school with Adie today! Loved seeing her in her classroom! She looks so big in this picture too!

And we did some fall fun stuff last week.. went and got some pumpkins to decorate the front of the house. 

Pumpkins on a hay trailer.. my kind of pumpkin picking!

Hope fall is treating you well too.. the BEST season of the year! 
In my opinion. =)

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