Sunday, August 18, 2013

adie's baptism

I know. 
It's been awhile!
Grandma Yoder told me, "I checked your blog and it's just the same post all the time!" 
Um, that's because I haven't blogged in forever!

But today?
Worth blogging.. over and over and over again!

Our Adie was baptized! 

Years ago she accepted Jesus into her heart. Yep, she was young but she totally *got* it. Childlike faith.. asked Jesus to be her forever friend. 

Rewind a few weeks ago as we sat at the gas station for our van to fill up and out of the blue Joya asked us when we were all going to die.

A lovely thought, I know!  Leave it to my Joy Joy!

Adie piped right in and said that you have to have Jesus in your heart and be baptized.  She then, with confidence, told us she'd like to be baptized the next time our church had baptisms. She is a shy girl so I knew that if she wanted to go in front of hundreds of people and proclaim her faith, she was ready. 

So this morning was *the*day.
The day of proclaiming Jesus in her life. 
And we couldn't be more proud of her. 
Such a dream of ours to have our children know Jesus as their forever friend.. 

Here she is at home before we left for church. I asked her what she wanted to wear and she said her Grace shirt. =)

She had also mentioned that she wanted her daddy to baptize her. She's always been a daddy's girl. =)

Joya asked to stay in the service so she would be able to watch. I love this picture as she sits on grandma Kathy's lap and looks toward her sister in adoration. 

Adie's turn!

She can't even see over the baptistery! Pastor Jon (our children's pastor) is asking her why she wants to be baptized...

Daddy lifts her up so she can answer...
"So when I die I can go live with Jesus in heaven."

And since I couldn't see her tininess I had to take pictures of the video screen to see her immersed in the water!

And the best.. a big embrace from daddy after she publicly declared her faith! I was a mess!

We ended the day with a big ol' family cookout and pool party. She got this gift from her aunt, uncle and cousins.. her very own Mud Love bracelet which she plans on wearing to her first day of school tomorrow. 

There have been many times where I have been proud of my Adie-girl..

When I looked at her face for the first time. Our first born.. a girl! (we didn't know her sex during our pregnancy). I stayed up all night watching her breath.. I was so proud of her for knowing how to breath!

I was so proud of her when she learned to suck correctly when she nursed when she was about 2 weeks old. Yes.. I was rejoicing in that milestone! Lotsa curled toes as she latched on prior to this!

When she slept through the night the first time as an infant.

I was so proud when she stood up, wobbled and took her first step.  

I was so proud at summer camp when she sat on her daddy's shoulders and sang David Crowder's "Undignified" at the top of her lungs. Her arms raised, praising Jesus at 2 years of age.

When after 6 months of pooping in her pants, she finally figured out that poop belongs in the toilet! I cried I was so proud!

Proud when she told Darin when she was barely four, "When are we getting rid of these training wheels?" And a day later she was on two wheels. 

So proud when she walked up to her kindergarten door with no inhibitions.. ready to tackle the next 13 years of her life in school. 

So proud when she hit her first base hit in t-ball this summer.

Crazy proud when just the other day she said, "Mom.. did you know that 90 + 90 is 180? I know that because I took 20 away from 200." Um.. you totally have your daddy's brain! 

So many of these things have made me beam with joy. pride. wanna scream, "That's my girl!" (And I did at t-ball and I think I embarrassed Darin more than I did Adie!)

But today.. today my pride for her runneth over. Doesn't even compare to the above list. 
There is no greater joy a parent can have to know you will spend eternity with your child.

I love you Adie Grace.. but my love for you doesn't even compare to the love Jesus has for you! He is so proud that you want to make a faith stand for Him.  Way to go, girl!


Angie said...

Love this so much! Awesome awesome awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Adie is so lucky to have a such a loving and supportive mother! The way you are so proud of her accomplishments and are cheering her on every step of the way is so wonderful. Congratulations to all of you on this very special occasion!