Saturday, August 24, 2013

my sister in law wrote a book!

I am sooo pleased to announce.. my sister in law's book is OUT! It sure is! It's been a few year ordeal and I can not be happier for my brother's wife, Natalie. Not only is she a sister but she's one of my best friends. I got the privilege of reading the book a year ago and let me tell ya, it's amazing. I'm not a huge fiction reader just because I lack time but I am sooo ready for her 2nd book to come out! I need to know what happens to Matt and Ava! I have a feeling you'll feel the same way! 

Here are so questions and answers about Natalie's new book...

What inspired you to become a writer and what are you hoping your books will accomplish?
                It really started as a hobby. I was struggling with a lot of hard life issues at the time (miscarriages and a very sick child) and I needed something else in my life that was totally different than just being a stay-at-home mom and raising kids. I needed an outlet. Enter in, writing a book. I love to read and have always wanted to write and tell a story for others to enjoy.  I have a long list of things I hope my books will accomplish. I want young women to realize they don’t have to settle and give them a glimpse of how a man should treat a woman. I want women that are living in an abusive relationship to know that there is help out there and that they don’t have to be afraid or embarrassed to ask for it. I want people to know that their past doesn’t have to mark its claim on their future. I want people that are living a lukewarm life with God to take a leap of faith and want a deeper relationship with Him. I want this book to be an outlet for the end of a stressful day.

How did you come up with the concept for your book?
       When I finally decided I wanted to write a book, I had to figure out what genre and my target audience. For the story, I knew I wanted the first chapter to be huge, something big that would draw my readers in immediately.  To have it be a romance-suspense book, I wanted the male character to have a job that could help bring in the suspense. As I began writing and developing the characters the story began to change some. I not only wanted my readers to walk alongside Ava’s journey of realizing the truth in who she is and that she is worthy to be loved, but to also watch Ava  help another woman work through her bondage issues. I added in the storyline of the student and her mom. I don’t know much about abuse, but I felt an urging to add it and give a look into the life of someone being abused. To help myself and others understand their actions and fears a little more.  To raise awareness to the hushed subject that affects many generations to come.

How long did it take to write the first draft?
                The first draft took me a little over a year. I’ll be honest; it didn’t go well at first. I had a good portion of the book done when I was introduced to an editor that took it upon her to bless me by working alongside me and helping me with the edits. She returned the first draft, saying it needed a lot more work before she could even edit it. I took a few days to lick my wounds and then had a little pep-talk with myself. I could either throw in the towel OR I could research like crazy on how to write a fiction book. I decided right then and there I wanted to pursue it, give it all I had and if it didn’t work out, then at least I tried. So for a month I read articles, books, and re-read my favorite authors books until I couldn’t retain anymore information…and then started all over. I re-wrote the earlier chapters and then held my breath until I heard back that the revisions were great and I made a huge improvement in my writing.

Who are some of your favorite authors or have inspired you to write?
       By far, the top of the list would be Dee Henderson (she is on my famous list that I would love to meet someday and would probably just stand there and drool.) I also like Irene Hannon, Lynette Eason, DiAnn Mills and Ronie Kendig.
Was this a one-time thing, or will you continue to write? And do you already have more ideas?
                Lord willing, I will continue to write books. In general, I love to write.  Whether it is a novel or devotionals I write for the mom’s group I am involved in, I enjoy expressing life through the written word. I have a ton more ideas. This is the first book in a series of four.

Head over to Amazon where you can read the first chapter! I know it will get ya hooked and you can either buy the paper or e-book version of A Rescued Heart. Here's the link: 

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