Friday, January 06, 2006

Addition to our family???

Nope, not preggo. Some day, but not today. =)

One of my gymnasts's moms breeds tea-cup pomeranians. So she brings 2 to the gym last night. They are the CUTEST THINGS eva! Here's a few pics of them:

This picture was immediately before the puppy peed all over Renae's leg. Hehehehehe...

Look at this face!

This one only gets to 5lbs as an adult and his little sister will only be 3lbs! Holy cow... it's like having a puppy all the time! So I talk to Darin about possibly adopting a puppy to add to our quaint little family. He had few things to say:

#1 He was concerned that our cat would weigh 10lbs more than our dog. Now, in my opinion it would make for some good fights. =)
#2 He's afraid that when we take the little doggie for a walk, a hawk would swoop down and pick the dog up because he'd mistake it for a mouse.
#3 He asked me if I had seen the way Bailey goes after his food. He's afraid that Bailey will see the new puppy as a meal. I'm pretty sure that Bailey thinks that every meal is his last meal. I feed him every morning and every morning Bailey the fat cat almost trips me on the way to his food because he's so excited for his grub. I scoop his food with a measuring cup and he stuffs his face in the cup grabbing any piece of food he can get before I can pore it into his dish. The kitty enjoys his Iams food. (regular, not low-fat. He didn't eat when I switched to the low-fat. Maybe that's why it's cats loose weight... they simply don't eat.)
#4 The puppy would be the equivalent of 2 mortgage payments. Okay, that concern was mine. Darin's right.. there is no guarantee that the dog would get kidnapped by a hawk 2 days after we purchased him.

So I thought about it the entire drive home from the gym. Yep, a whole 20 minutes. Remember that's a long time for me. Getting a puppy right now wouldn't be fair to Darin. I am only home a couple hours of the day and Darin would have to take care of the dog until the season was over in March. And that $ to purchase the thing.. yeah, we better put that $ towards something else other than hawk meat and a boxing buddy for Bailey the fat cat. And coming home to this scene was confirmation of my 20 minutes of thought:

My boys. Darin and Bailey the fat cat. I love them and they are my family. I am content. =)

I will REALLY be content when Darin changes his mind about getting a cocker spaniel... =) Just kidding, just kidding, Darin Jay!


Mara said...

Darin is wearing a CUBS shirt! Haha! ... and yes, you need a dog! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am revealing myself to fellow bloggers I that I have my own! You are right, it could be entertainging to see a fight between a fat cat and tiny dog...but a little unfair!

Elizabeth said...

Cute pooch! like his reasoning..HILARIOUS!! A* is not a dog lover...but reluctantly accepts mine-
tell him they are great practice for wee Hoppers!

{ brooke } said...

those puppies are too cute! love your work on 2ps and saw your link on sweet mara's blog. you're too funny!

{ brooke } said...

darcy! i do live in indy -- where in northern indiana are you? i used to live up north! :) it's freezing! stay warm! happy weekending!

Nichole said...

Hey darce. You don't want a pommeranian. I have a friend who has one and it yips in this incredibly high pitch all the time. Hold out for the cocker spaniel they are much cuter.

Angel With an Attitude said... cute!!! but they're barking is almost as bad as a chiuaua (sp?)...find the kind with no vocal chords ;-)~

My new Blog!!

Anonymous said...

wow, you're strong!
i don't know if i could've resisted those adorable puppies!
good job girl!
i think your fat cat and hottie husband are just perfect!

jes said...

I am a HUGE lover of Pound Puppies. I love pure breds too, but there are so many puppies waiting for love in pounds and shelters everywhere. when your season is over...maybe then you can go check out a pound and get a good puppy for $85. Quite a deal for purchasing a child. That is where I got Kahlua from and WOW I love her a lot.
that was a really cute puppy!

Valerie said...

Those puppies are way too cute!! Love your blog!! Love the banner, I still need to figure out how to do one for mine. Your right defientley makes your blog look cool with a cool banner!!

RACHEL =) said...



Kat said...

pomeranians are soooooooooo cute! love his reasonings, sounds kinda like steve........ love cocker spaniels too though (hello, lady and the tramp? fab movie......)
super cute pic of your hubby and cat!