Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Winning Season Thus Far

Okay, so we're only 1-0 but that's still a winning season to me! My girls won last night! I was so stinking proud of them. They did such a great job. Here's a super cute picture of them cheerin' on a fellow gymnasts on vault...

Oh gosh, a funny story. Our last girl was up on bars and we were setting her bars. (Making them the right size for her for all the gymnastics illiterates out there) Katelynn was pulling up the tensions and the tensions flew out of the floor and the bars started to tip over.. yes, tip over. We caught them but it was just humorous. Glad Laura wasn't competing when the bars decided to collapse. She'd never get on the bars again if that happened. And tarded me DIDN'T GRAB MY CAMERA so I could show you the picture of the ridiculousness!!!

I thought it'd be fun to do "A Day in the Life of... Darcy!" I've met so many people through 2Peas and this fun bloggin world that I'd love to see what you all do day-to-day. So I hope this inspires you to do a day in the life of YOU on a future blog! =) Come on, humor me.

Random day of Wednesday, January 4th, 2006:

6am - Woke up, showered, ate my daily oatmeal and out the door by 7am

7:30 - At work after I stopped to get donuts for our meeting

8:00 - 10am - Helped conduct a meeting that was attended via internet and conference call with our sales associates all around the world. (I am an Sales Assistant for the International Department at a huge corporation that sells Chicken cages and feeders and Grain Silos... such an Indiana business, isn't it?) I love it.. I'm the assistant to a Vice President that lives in Atlanta.. I know, kinda weird that his assistant it 800 miles away. =) For some reason he didn't want to move to Indiana.. =)

10am - 4pm - Did the "normal" Darcy work stuff. Issued invitations for foreingers to visit the US, started planning a meeting in Thailand, made air and hotel reservations for my sales guys, and gathered literature for a distributor.. just the normal stuff.

4 - 6pm - Gymnastics practice.. I'll critique routines and also spot the harder skills that the girls need to substitute into their routines they have now. I'm sure there will be a lot of laughing. =)

6:30pm - Get home and make some dinner QUICKLY for Darin and I.

7:15 - 8:45ish - At Church for Middle School Youth Group.. Darin is in charge but I am almost always there to create relationships with the kids and to have fun. And we're really trying to make this ministry "ours". =) Being in the youth ministry means that you never have to grow up. We definitely get our fair share of dodgeball. =)

9pm - 10pm - Probaly watch LOST because we're completely addicted. =) We know it's a rerun, but seriously.. there's probably something we missed the first time round'!!! We love Jack and can't stand Anna Luicia. Someone needs to accidentally shoot her. (Oh my gosh.. I am supposed to be a minister's wife! To those of you who watch LOST, you know that it's more than just a show. Darin has dreams about being on the island. But seriously, she needs to die.)

10 - 10:30ish - Try to get to bed to start all over tomorrow!!!

I hope you do a Day in the Life too. =) I'd love to see what everyone does with their selves' daily. That was horrible English.. =)


Elizabeth said...

okay funny....I was actually planning out some future blogs and one was to do a day in the life.. yeah, I have NO life..(actually just dwn times during naps)
mine would be mostly, wipe snot, wipe a butt, wipe a dirty butt,trip over a toy,wipe a butt..(my kid is quite regular!).etc.. etc.. Seriously, I think I may do one sometime. Congrats on your first win!! high school girls...aahh.. bet you get an earful! Glad your girl did not get hurt!
My hubby just said last week he was bringing home a box set of LOST from a guy at work.. I have never seen it entirely, so am anxious to tap in.
aren't kids great!! Andrew and I started training last fall for Jr. High youth at our church... did not end up working out for this year, but our good friends from our growth group are the leaders(so we hear it all!!) such innocence! I am rambling..later!

Erin said...

yay for winning!
whooooo hooooooo!
wish i had a job like yours,
how FUN!

christy said...

hilarious. I just finished posting my blog which basically just spelled out what I did today. Then I come here to read your blog. Interesting. And Elizabeth was thinking along our same lines ... so weird.

Love ya,

Mara said...

Yay for a DITL from Darcy!!

Congrats on the gymnastics win. And you thought you weren't prepared...

erika said...

"but seriously she needs to die" line eVer...made me laugh outloud...totally agree...and when the heck is LOST not going to be a rerun?!?!? MAN....
Loved your day in the life....xe

christy said...

Guess you didn't get to watch LOST last night afterall. I switched it to ABC to see which episode was on and it was the Rose Bowl. Oh well. I think next week or the week after should be a new one. I'm pretty sure there were going to be six weeks of no new ones. It seems like this was the fifth. But I could be wrong. Oh yeah, and you may get your wish with Anna Lucia. Michele Rodriguez has gotten herself into a bit of trouble with the police. She got a DUI while she was on probation for having too many DUI's. She may have to do some time for 18 months. Knowing the luck of hollywood people though she'll probably just get off with a slap on the wrist. I would think if she does do time though they'll have to have the "others" kidnap her in the meantime. Or maybe they could just kill her off the show. ;-)

Darin said...

Way to go coach! It is tough to motivate/coach/encourage/correct all at once. I know that it is early, but a wise coach once said that his goal was to go 1-0 every night.

Felicia said...

I'll have to do a day in the life. I don't have much to say though. I have a pretty boring life.
Congrats on your win!
And God Bless you and you hubby for being involved with the youth group. I wish I would have had something like that when I was a kid. =)

RACHEL =) said...

YAY on the win!! That's awesome...

Your day is sooooooo busy, wow!!! A long one, to boot! But sounds like an all-around great day, girlie!! {I was in our youth group for years and I absolutely loved it!!! Our Youth Pastors were younger too, which is so nice because you can relate well with the teenagers! And I looooved dodgeball, woo-hoo!}

Yes, will have to do a day in my life... soon =)