Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jensational Jeni!!!

Okay, so I couldn't find a fun adjective starting with "J" so I made one up. =)

Today's Gymnast of the Day is the oh-so-fantastic:


I have the most hilarious pictures of Jeni because she's always the one yelling, "Take a picture of this, Darce!" But a lot of the times she is doing something funny so I grad my camera quick and take a picture of her hilariousness. =)

Oh, where do I even start with Miss Jeni! This girl is just the sweetest thing evah. She is the kind of girl that can make friends with a rock. Yep, she is a friend to EVERYONE. She is the hardest worker with everything she does.. not just gymnastics. Last year she was so determined as a freshman to have a varsity spot on our team. She came to Nika and I and asked, "What do I have to do to be a better gymnast?" Holy cow! The dream coaches question! If you are a friend of Jeni's, consider it an honor.

What I like about Jeni:
Like I said above, I love how coachable this girl is. You tell her to change something and bam, she's trying her hardest to do as we say. The girl is full of smiles. She had a bad beam night our first meet and after she dismounted, she stood there with tears of disappointment streaming down her face, smiling. Not kidding. She was so mad at herself but her personality was still shining through.

(Jeni is being a goof while doing her shin-splints exercises)

Greatest Accomplishment:
Okay, so she didn't have a great beam night her first meet? The past 2 meets this girl has had NO-FALL BEAM ROUTINES! Holy cow.. talk about determination! I believe she feel 4 or 5 times that first night and just 4 meets later she completely stays on. Can I say, "Awesome?!"

Funny Story of Jeni-lu-who:
I know I say all my gymnasts are riots, but Jeni's ranked right up there with the best of them. We had a little trouble finding a team manager this year and a few weeks after the season had started, Jeni comes running up to Nika (head coach) and I and says, "I found a manager, I found a manager!" So we start asking questions about this girl and Jeni starts throwing her sales pitch... "She really sweet, responsible, gets all A's and doesn't have sex." Alrighty! We weren't expecting that last bit-o-info but hey, eveyone loves a sex-free manager!

What makes Jeni, Jeni:
There are so many things that make Jeni, Jeni. She is a blast to be around, never puts people down, and is a complete ham. I think her determination also makes her Jeni.. more info below under "greatest accomplishments". I am also proud of her walk with Christ. I know as a fact that her personality, outlook on life and smiles are a result of her relationship with Christ. I've had a few talks with Jeni about these matters and the girl is pretty wise.. your inspiration is contagious.. keep it up, girl. =) People can see Christ in you.

How I am proud of Jeni:
Nika challeneged all the girls a couple of weeks ago to individually raise their all-around score by 2 points. (Eliminate falls, point toes, connect skills, for all those non-gymnastic minded peeps out there) Jeni completely took a hold of that goal and added 2 more points to her all-around score at her next meet. Since she had reached that goal, Tuesday night she made another goal to reach a 30 all-around individual score.. and she got there! I'm excited to see where your determination will take you. Love ya, Jeni-lu-who!

Here we go bloggers, here we go! Du-du. Just a little tune to get ya commenting away! Thanks again for all your warms wishes to my girls. They are lovin' it!

Just a head's up.. tomorrow's blog will take a break from Gymnast of the Day for another subject. On Monday we'll be back to regularly scheduled bloggin. =) Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Jen, what stood out the most in this post is that you reached the point goal set by your coach, and then you set your own and reached that too! that is awesome! what a great accomplishment!

Mara said...

what determination, jeni!
it's so awesome that you continually push yourself to be/ do better.
keep up the great work!!
it sounds like you've got a solid head on those shoulders :)

Valerie said...

That Jeni is simply amazing!! So much fun, always smiling, and has so much determination. Never giving up, is always hard to do and doing it with smile shows the world who you really are!! Go Jeni!!

kaylaaimee said...

are you preggers?

Hey, I LOVE reading your gymnast of the day posts. Takes me back to my gymnast days *sigh*

Wanted to shout out especially to Jeni- I broke my pelvis and ribs on a beam fall and was terrified to get back on. Way to not only get back on but totally rock the fab at it as well!!

p.s. there will be a new little addition of the greatness that is your blog today on the greatness that is my blog...

Angel With an Attitude said...

darcy!! this is so sweet to do for all your girls!!

love it!!

My New Blog!

Jessica F said...

I love reading about all the girls. Jeni, it rocks that you are so focused on better yourself and your skills!

Elizabeth said...

whoo hoo Jeni..
hope your parents dont read these posts!!
they might be surprised to one bloggers question to ya!!
sigh... to be back in highschool again...
life is just SO FUN!!
glad to see that you eat it all up with whatever life gives ya!
D-I am mentally preparing for tomorrow's story...=)
can you feel my good vibes shooting to ya??

Darcy said...

Hahahah!!! Okay, little misunderstanding here..

Kayla asked me if I was pregnant! She didn't ask Jeni. =) (Jeni, in NO way do you look pregnant and I know you are NOT doing the deeds it takes to become preggo!)

Kayla's thinking that I'm preggo because I said that tomorrow we're taking a break from the GYMNAST OF THE MEET for another topic. Just to clear up the rumor...

I am not pregnant. =) Hopefully someday, but not today. Kayla, you crack me up...

Niki L said...

Darce, you are so funny to post and clear that one up!!! :) Jeni, my first though after reading your post is that you are wise beyond your years with your determination and your belief/following in Christ! You'll go so far and you're such a cutie!

kaylaaimee said...

I started a rumor? YES!! I'll admit, I was sorta hoping you'd have a little darcykins soon because I bet that would be a good reason to convince my fiance we should drive up there and hang out with y'all.

Darin said...

Have fun with all your rock friends and stay close to your friend The Rock.

Keep working hard and having fun and your all around will keep improving. Great work.

Linz said...

What to say about Jen! Well you're definitely my "monkey girl" everytime you come jump on me and just Cling for dear life! How hilarious you are:-) I love coaching you! I'm so glad I have 2 more years to watch you grow! Yay! Darcy and I find you such a joy everyday! love ya! Linz