Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's official..

I'm getting old. Yep, I'm 25 and I it's confirmed that I am aging drastically. Why, you ask me?

#1. All my friends are getting knocked up... of course the right way after a few years of marriage. I went to one of my best friends in college baby shower on Saturday. Yep, Wendy is with child. Everyone assumed that I would be the first prego cuz I'm all domesticated and stuff, but nope... Wendy is all knocked up. She is however, sporting some totally cute maternity wear. Gives me something to look forward too... the entire new wardrobe I'll get to buy when it's our turn. I have also received news that 2 other friends are prego... holy cow, my friends are reproducing and creating little spawns of themselves!

Reason #2 that I am aging... Darin and I were in bed by 9:30 last night. Yes, 9:30. Of course we stayed up until 11:00 watching the Bachelor, but still... we were IN BED by 9:30. And then I was watching all those super hip girls run around all cutsy and stuff. Didn't help that I was in bed with my glasses on, wearing a very sexy (huge) T-shirt of Darin's and my mouth guard was in. (so I don't wake up Darin gritting my teeth) Super hip look if you ask me.

Reason #3.. Just realized that some of my gymnasts are 10 years younger than me.. yes, 10 YEARS! A decade. Diez anos. I'm going to ignore this one because being 10 years older than them probably means I should ACT 10 years older than them. Not a chance.

Reason #4... and the grand finale of them all: Darin and I bought bleacher chairs last night. Yes, bleacher chairs. We both sit in the stands and watch each other coach and go to all our youth kid's games. Our hiney's get sore! So, we swing past the sporting goods at Wally World and see the coolest Purdue bleacher seats I have ever seen. They have arms, a super cool back and are PADDED! No more bleacher butt for us! We seriously stood in the isle for 10 minutes contemplating #1 if we TRUELY needed these things, #2 that they were $8 each marked down from $17.. should we really spend the $? (we are CRAZY cheap) and #3 how TARDEDLY OLD we would look walking into the kids' games with these chairs!? We finally decided to get them. And then we got up to the register and they were $5 each... even cooler. And then we couldn't wait to get home to wipe everything off the coffee table to try them out.

So it's official... I am getting old. At least my hiney will be comfy!


Emily said...

absolutely LOVE your new banner!! :) And if you're old, what does that make me??? ;)

Niki L said...

I hear ya sister...and I'm older than you!! I was the last person of everyone I know (ok, except for 1 or 2 people I know) to get married so I'm sure I'll be the VERY last one prego!! I must be a little slow at everything.

I LOVE your Purdue chairs!! If I went to games, I would totally buy some too. Except we would have one I.U. and one Purdue ;)

Elizabeth said...

Okay first you are not old!!
I will be 31 on Sunday! EEEK.
at lease my hubby is still in his 20's so he tries to makes me feel young!!
Second, It is very scary when I see "children" who I babysat in the bars.. and now married.. and now with babies!! Now that is old!!
when the college kids are sporting the fashion, which they think is NEW and it is what I wore in 5th grade!!
4th that I occasionally listen to a "best of the 90's" radio station!!
and for the record.. we have had bleacher cushions, to take to Purdue FB games for years now.
When you are old, you are not too cool to sacrifice looks for comfort!!

christy said...

tee hee ... i love ya, darce! i can totally picture you and darin taking turns trying out the new chairs on your coffee table! you two crack me up. i'm surprised he was willing to get a purdue one and not a ND one. probably cause it was cheap, huh? hehehe!!

Kat said...

lol!!!!!!!! yeah, i feel ya, i'm getting old too. is it your bday today?!
none of my friends are pregnant yet, but everyone is getting married. i'm hoping to be the first one ; )
yeah, you also know when you're getting old when : friday nights are spent at home depot, and you get excited when you get new appliances!!!!!!!!!
(oh, and i saw some one w/ a purdue license plate thingy and totally thought of you! those chairs are super cool for $5?! awesome)

jes said...

I like the pic of dain looking all "hmm, these are comfy." By the way, I had the BEST year when I was 25!!! it rocked. I hope that you enjoy 25 like it was meant to be enjoyed. I on the other hand, may have enjoyed it enough for both of us...and maybe a couple of other people too.
well anyways, enjoy.
When is your birthday?

Jill said...

I felt that way at 25 also. All the friends were having babies...then I became one of the knocked-up friends! Watch out =)

Mara said...

thank goodness you're taking care of your hiney!! :)

monica said...

All you girls that say your getting older need to quit, I'm the one who's turning the big 3-0 this year!!! =)

RACHEL =) said...



Darin said...

...don't forget that you also eat oatmeal (the breakfast of grandma's) each morning! Just kidding. You'll always be my younger wife! Lov you.

island girl said...

LMAO!! OMG..you tried them on the coffee table!! I freakin love it!!

And just so you know...you are so not old...ohhh...to be 25 again...dude, i'll be 32 in Feb!!! YIKES!!

island girl said...

haha...i just read darin's comment...haha...oatmeal..you are old!! j/k ;-)