Monday, January 16, 2006

Tag.. I'm IT!

First of all, thank you very much for reading Mr. Bailey the fat cat's blog on Friday. He's ready for some paybacks so if anyone has any ideas of what to do to Erin while she's on her honeymoon in April, please let us know. It's got to be funnier than shaving my cat and LESS EXPENSIVE than $152. Way less than that, actually.

Alrighty, I've been tagged by Monica and Rachel!!! Here we go...

*Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. My current job... the assistant to the Vice President at Chore-Time/Brock International. We make and sell chicken cages and grain silos.. glad I'm an assistant and not a sales person.
2. Assistant Gymnastics coach for WHS. LOVE this job! Sometimes I forget that I get paid for it. =) This is the 3rd year I've done it.
3. Account Executive @ a hotel in West Lafayette, In. Was the inside sales person so I got to work with brides, religous groups and such. Pretty fun. =)
4. Mary Kay. Yep, I deal MK. Not very well, but I used to be WAY into it!

*Four movies you would watch over and over
1. Grease - my all time fave. I can recite the entire movie. Not kidding.
2. Tommy Boy
3. Meet the Parents
4. I would rather rent a new one!!!

*Four places you have lived:
1. Milford, Indiana.. my little home-town
2. West Lafayette, Indiana to go to school at PURDUE
3. Goshen, Indiana.. where I currently live

*Four TV shows you love to watch:
2. Divine Design on HGTV
3. House Hunters on HGTV
4. Who am I kidding, I LOVE HGTV! I'll watch just about any show.

*Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Acapulco - My honeymoon with my new hubby. =) So incredibly fun.. I wanna go back!
2. Tennessee to see my sista ever year.
3. Scottsdales, AZ about 3 times to visit my friend Molly =) I LOVE SCOTTSDALE.. pretty sure I want to retire there. Retire at 30, I mean.
4. Went on a family cruise in 02 (mom was there!) in the Caribean.. SO FUN!!! Darin and I are planning to take a cruise (hopefully) this year.

*Four websites I visit daily:
1. 2peas to either post or praise!!!
2. my friend's blogs
3. My email account
4. I have no other time to look at any others because I get stuck at the 3 sites listed above!

*Four of my favorite foods:
1. Authentic Mexican.. Mostly The Camino.. a chicken soft taco, no queso, with a side of refried beans.. most of the servers know my order by heart. I'm such a tard.. a creature of habit tard...
2. Oatmeal every morning, again, I'm a creature of habit.
3. Veggie burgers
4. Chocolate =)

*Four places I would rather be right now:
1. At home with a baby on my hip. Darin, gunna do anything about that? JK...
2. With Darin Jay. =)
3. In my SCRAPROOM!!!
4. On vacation.. I'd go anywhere WARM right now. January in IN SUCKS!!!

Bloggers I am tagging:
1. Kayla Aimee.. I'm pretty sure you'd be hilarious at this!!!
2. Erin Sweeney.. feel up to it?? 20 days until you are a MAMA!!! Holy cow.. It'd help you BLOG!!!
Some non-scrap friends:
3. Christy
4. Niki
5. Natalie! The mother of my cutie-head nephew, Jett. They just got a blog.. check it out!
6. Jes, my super cool church friend.

Did a LO last night...

This was another roomie of mine, Alice. Yep, she used to be amish. Isn't that COOL? Her aunts made the food at the wedding and it was AMAZING. Anywho, just glad I finally got her wedding page scrapped!


Kat said...

fun stuff! love these things.........
love that lo! i'll have to go by 2peas to praise a bit ; )

Anonymous said...

I love the show househunters too!
Great layout!

Mara said...

I forgive you for living in West Lafyette. ;)

Love the LO, dude. Love it. And yes, I just called you dude. What I meant was, obvi, dudette. :)

20's said...

Darce - need your help. check it out.

Angel With an Attitude said...

beautiful layout!!! loved your list!!

My New Blog!

Elizabeth said...

love to read all about it!.. gotta get my butt in gear and finish my taglist.
scottsdale... one of my faves.
My brother lives in Pheonix.. so we visit/shop/eat there lots!!! GREAT scene!!
nice that you could live in WL. even better that you could leave.. and I am sorry that you are still in IN..
it pretty much sucks...but then again, I'm stuck here too=)
i'm with ya on the authentic long as there is a big honkin AUTHENTIC beverage to go with it!!
cool lo. tried to praise..dang computer is not helping me!!

*nichole* said...

you are the cutest. evah! i hate being behind on blogging & yours was top on my list when i found some time today! looove how sweet & REAL you are, darcy! love your list & i love that LO & the 2 LO's about your DH below! just gorgeous! :)

RACHEL =) said...




Anonymous said...

authentic mexican food,
now you MUST come visit the keener casa!!!!
well, that's not entirely true as we'd have to go out to eat since I don't cook, but we've got TONS of great mexican restaurants here in NM!!!!!

Jill said...

I love the LO! Fun info, I like the fact that you basically dared your hubby to give you a baby...wish I could say "be careful what you wish for" but i won't say that, I used to find that so annoying before I had kids! Your blog is so funny & honest :)

kaylaaimee said...

oooh i love being tagged.

once the boys pancaked our cars so we went "took them out" but really drove them to the Walmart in the middle of nowhere and then ditched them there and went and raided their apartment while they were gone and rearranged everything. Like, put all the forks and stuff in the bathroom drawers and vice versa, hung their clothes in the shower, put all the stuff in their dresser in the fridge, stacked the furniture all on top of each other in the living room and covered the walls with picstures of us we had copied at Kinkos...

jes said...

Darcy...u suck, but I am up for it. Stay tuned to my blog tomorrow for the response.!!!
your lucky I love you, I am up for the challenge.

monica said...

Love those SR papers, cute LO!!