Monday, March 27, 2006

A numbers kinda weekend...

Love how Wendi does her numbers weekend recap. I've got so many random thought that this is the easiest way to have them make sense without me rambling. I'm gunna lift you, Wendi!! Hope it's okay. =)
12 times I GUT laughed at Donkey Basketball.

It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Seriously. The first donkey that Darin was on DID NOT like to be ridden. He would take one step, duck his head, and Darin would go sliding off. Oh, and Darin was on the ministers team and they all decided to dress up like wise men. That is why Darin is wearing his gown from HS graduation. Good to know those things are good for something.
1 Poop time-out. The announcer said, "Time-out, time-out! Kilroy had an accident." Yes, one of the donkey's name was Kilroy. Kilroy's got healthy pipes. BARF!
1 proud wife. (with the cutest red-head in the entire world)

Wanna guess who made the winning shot in overtime during the game? you guessed it.. hottie-head Darin. I was SO proud. It put them into the championship game. THE championship Donkey Basketball game! Can you imagine the excitement?!?! I'm laughing out loud here cuz it was SO funny!
1 clapping cutiest-nephew-in-the-world.

Seriously, the CUTEST lil' clapper ever.
24 hours of a Saturday with little planned activity. Heaven, simply heaven!
1 date with my hubby at our favorite restaurant.
1 message preached by Darin. Seriously, one of the best I've ever heard him give! It was AMAZING but the most amazing part about it that Christ was obviously speaking through Him. I had constant chills hearing this sermon. I am so glad that God gave Darin the gift of speaking. He also blessed Darin with a spirit of humility.. Darin enjoys hearing praise from his messages, but gives all the credit to JC. God is GOOD!
3 kids at youth group.. can you tell spring break is coming?
1 game of Rumikub lost to Darin Jay.
1 game of Rumikub game won to Darin Jay. Looks like there's gunna be a rematch tonight!
2.5 hours awake in the middle of the night. This, I'm not so excited about. I've been having troubles sleeping lately. NO FUN!!
1 amazing hubby that woke up as I was walking out into the living room to watch TV after 1 hour of sleeplessness. Told me to watch TV in bed so that I could sleep better once I actually fell asleep.
1 Episode of "Mansions & Millionaires". It was about the LOST cast so of course that didn't lure me to sleep.
1 Episode of Cosby show that somehow I missed when growing up. Theo and Cockroach got tickets to "Dance Mania" the show and Cockroach was picked to be on the show and Theo was not. Of course mama H. had a talk with him and he then was happy for Cockroach and apologized. I love that show!
3 times I reset the sleep timer after the TV shut off making me jump a mile high. Why does that scare me?
1.5 pages scrapped.

I'll spare you the 1/2 page until it's completely finished. =)
I pile of puke made by Bailey-the-fat-cat this morning because he eats too fast and doesn't chew his food.
***and finally***
3 people from my last blog that also didn't know what purpose a rake has in a sand-trap on a golf course. SO glad I wasn't the only one. Suposedly you are to rake out the sand leaving it nice and pretty if your ball goes into the sand. I've only been golfing once. I got bored by the 3rd whole. Golfing and Darcy don't mix.


Angel With an Attitude said...

love it!!! ok...but seriously...ALL thos donkies and only 1 poop time out?!?!?

Niki L said...

What she said......all those Donkies and 1 poop break??!! AMAZING. Oh yeah, don't their hooves mark up the floor? ( I've been told I think of the strangest questions to ask)

My other kitty used to eat too fast and then puke it up. I heard if you put a large enough ball in their food they have to take the time to push it out of the way to get the food. I always imagined what a large bowl you would need to make it so kitty could actually get to the food so I never tried it!!

I like the counting thing, that helps keep my reading organized ;) I have to tell you Jett is so cute, I love the faces he makes!

kayla aimee said...

1)Sanctified Bovine! There are REAL donkeys used in donkey basketball?! That's stinkin funny.

2)You should name your firstborn son Kilroy

3)Maybe your youth group was hanging out with some of my youth group-in jail. Yes. In. Jail. My youth group is hardcore and not in the best way

4)When I read that Darin gives props to JC that line from Meet the Parents went thru my head "I figured, Jesus was a carpenter" "Greg's Jewish" "Oh, well so was JC!"

5) I didn't have a fifth comment but you know I can't leave it at 4.

Jill said...

donkey basketball!!!
and dressed up as wise men??
he wore a graduation gown?
a poop time-out?
=) =) you make me laugh =) =)

Wendy said...

I was soooo tired Sunday and I decided I would rent the first season of Lost and watch that assuming I would fall asleep in the first few minutes since I can't ever stay awake for anything. I LOVED it. I ended up watching the first four episodes and never fell asleep!
Oh-that relates back to the whole millionaires show about lost victims. Thanks for explaining the rake thing...I had no idea.
I can't stop rambling today...

Kat said...

love this!!!!!!
i didn't think that they were really goign to play basketball WITIH donkey- tooooo funny! i would have peed my pants laughing, i'm sure.
i totally remember that episode of the cosby show! good times. sorry you've been having trouble sleeping. thats the worst thing ever!!!
take a warm bath, or do soem meditaion or something. or, when you get up- just scrapbook!!!! ; )
LOVE that page you made. love love love it!

Michelle W. said...

love that! Not sure the donkey basketball. But they couldn't be doing worse than NBA right now. Bwahahahahaha

Love the pics, love the layout (can't wait to see the .5)


Erin said...

there are so many things to love about this post darcy!
thanks for making me giggle!

RACHEL =) said...

Okay, I seriously didn't know they were playing b-ball WITH actual donkeys!!! I thought that was just the name!!!! bwahahahahaha! Too funny! Yay for Darin making the winning shot!!
LOVE the layout, so gorgeous, girl --- as always!! Can't wait to see the other one! =)

jes said...

I love the donkey basketball. Tell Darin congrats on taking his team to the next level. I can see why you are so proud. I honestly can believe that he had to ride that. VERY NICE

Nichole said...

Kilroy the Glad to hear you had a saturday by yourselves.

Totally understand the not sleeping thing. I have been seeing a lot of late night tv and scrapping too.

I would rather scrap during the day. I miss sleeping.

island girl said...

ok, so i'm diggin this numbers thing...i may have to lift your! and omg donkey basketball, please get video..i must see this in action..i mean for real...ministers playing basketball while riding on donkeys...i'm completely intrigued!!

and that layout is fab! and i saw the swap that hanni did for you!! i'm jealous...i want to swap with you!!!

Mara said...

Nice weekend recap.
And seriously...
Why did I think Donkey basketball was a joke?!
Oh my goodness...

To The Moon said...

Hey girly! So I totally just found your blog in a weird round-about-way!!! It's so good to see you're doing so well! Feel free to email me if you'd like: (remove the x's- it fights off those evil spamers:))

Jessica F said...

Donky Basketball?!?!?!


haha that cracks me up!

One time my brother and dad went on a camping trip where they traveled by horseback through the mountains and fished and camped and all that. My dad was too fat so they gave him a donkey named Wilbur who could handle him! haha.


Elizabeth said...

wow!! you're popular today!!
there must have been talk about these donkeys!!
seriously, can't believe they were real donkeys.. and on the court?... and only one poop time out??
i am sure you have lots of pics to scrap this event!!
oh, and Jett is as cute as he can be!..let the personality begin!!
(he'll use his cuteness in his defense)

Valerie said...

I still cannot believe that donkey basketball is played with actual donkeys...that is way too funny!! Love the pics of you and your cutie nephew!! Love the page!! I hope your sleeping a little bit better!!

Hanni said...

looooove that page darcy-girl...the buttons? and the title on the curve? genious, my friend! :)

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