Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I got nada...

Can you believe that I don't have much to say today? Could this be? Darcy has nothing to say? There's a first time for everything, I guess. =)

My blog goals is to write every Mon, Wed, Fri. Today is Wednesday so it's time for a little bloggy-bloging! Although.. I don't have much to say. Well, I guess I have a few, here we go..

#1 Has anyone been to a track meet lately? I went last night to support my hottie-head Darin. He's the pole-vaulting coach at his old HS. Did everyone remember that when they start a race that's half-way around the track.. like the 200.. everyone in the in-field ducks? TOTALLY didn't remember that part about track so after like 3 times this happened and sat there and pondered, I finally asked the other coach's wife (also the gal I assistant coach with.. love you LINZ!) if there was a low-flying plane I didn't know about or if they were all squatting down & huddling like penguins because they were cold. (Bobbie, also a blog reader, told me to take a picture so I could blog about it. She is so smart! Although my hands were too cold to get the camera out of my purse.) I'm really trying to think before I speak in my older age because a lot of times I embarrass myself with some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth. Lindsay just laughed and said that the timer dude and to be able to see the shot-gun dude. And by the way, if you are going to a track meet sometime soon, I will remind you that there's a shot that goes off when they start a race. I walked in to the meet by myself and a race started.. I seriously jumped out of my shoes and looked around to see if anyone had keeled over from their shot-gun wound. Kinda glad that I was by myself, until I saw that the money-taker was laughing. Shoot. Don't you hate that?

#2 Before I got the meet, the same Bobbie that I mentioned before told me that I needed to get there stat to do something about that rake that someone left out in the long jump pit.. sometimes this blog gets the best of me. =/

#3 I'm FINALLY getting my hair colored tonight! It's been.. um, let's just say WAY too long!! I'm feeling a little whiskey tango with my dark roots. I think I am sadly loosing my blondness. =/

#4 Guess what!!??? I finally slept through the entire night last night!!! Woo-hoo!! The past 5 out of 7 days I've woken up at 2:00am (ALWAYS 2:00, isn't that strange?) and stay up for a few hours. Before I fell asleep I did, however, wonder what Cosby episode was gunna be playing at 4:00am. Glad I didn't find out.

Okay, my "NADA" post is turning into a rather excessive long post of randomness. So I'll leave you with a page of my mama. Can't even explain to you how much I love and miss her. Wonder what she is experiencing in heaven.. you know? Someday I know I will.

I know the journaling is super hard to read. It says, "I am so lucky that I was able to become best friends with my mom in the 3 years she had cancer. After her diagnosis, there was not a day that went by that I did not speak to her on the phone or see her in person. Many times we’d talk as though life was normal and forgot she had a terminal illness. Many days we talked about her pain level and how she dreaded chemo. Although our conversations were broad and completely random at times, our daily conversations gave me the opportunity to tell her how much I loved her. Even though I miss her tremendously and still want to speak to her every day, God must have known that enough was said. She has told us she loved us... enough. We had expressed our love for her… enough. Enough was said"

Happy LOST watching to all those fans out there! Woo-hoo!! Did anyone notice that when I mentioned that all us LOST fans were getting sick of the re-runs in THIS post, they had two new epi's in a row? Jack reads my blog. I'm positive.

"Hi Jack!!! Tell Son congrats on the bun in the oven!"


Darin said...

Hey I finally get to be the first to post a comment on the blog of all blogs! Even "nothing" is funny with you. You are so fun!

Niki L said...

So, I still cry everytime I see a post or LO about your mom!! I thought your journaling in that one was perfect.

Oh, I did the whole waking up thing before always at the same time....I then talked to my friend who was kind of my "Mentor in Christ" at my last job and she said sometimes that happens b/c God is trying to tell us something or get us to think/relize something he wants us to know. I thought it was a reasonable explanation to me. Glad you got some sleep!!

Wendy said...

You sure can write a lot about nothing;)
I love the pages you do about your mom. I'm sure you are going to be so glad you have those when you have children. You must be a very strong person to be able to journal the way you do. My dad had cancer when I was a junior in college and it is truly a miracle that he survived-no one, especially his dr.'s expected him to. I have made a small scrapbook about that time, but still haven't brought myself to journal. Maybe you are my inspiration!

Dee said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your page! :) It's very encouraging to read. Take care & God bless!

Jill said...

oh i love this LO of your Mom & you :)
i agree w/Wendy, someday your kids will thank you for journaling & scrapping pages of her for them to know her from your wonderful memories.
& i agree w/Niki about the sleep issues = God trying to get a message to you, i think i've gotten some of my best ideas &/or 'a-ha! i got it!' moments from when i've had insomnia. it's actually a blessing sometimes =)

Kat said...

random posts are the best!!!1
congrats on sleeping through the night! always a good feeling : ) loooove that lo! the journaling is so great. love it! : )

Kat said...

oh, and YAY!!!!! for LOST. i'm glad jack reads your blog, saved me from getting really annoyed tonight ; )

Anonymous said...

love that lo so very much!
and i can't believe you color your hair!
you look like a natural girl all the way...

Linz said...

I'm rolling over with laughter here just rethinking your track experience last night! How funny was that! Just got done watching LOST.....SO AWESOME tonight! good c-yin ya last night too babe:-) bye!

jes said...

Umm lost...I cant even talk about it. I need to process and then I will revisit my thoughts. i was so excited.
I really enjoy the random blogs. I like to see what is in your brain. SOmetimes a little scary, but most of the time its like fluffy bunnies hopping through a meadow. and by the way, I have been to a lot of track meets (hs boyfriend, hurdles) and I never knew why they all squated. But, I still would giggle from the stands. and i would think, why dont they just go to the bathroom already. Sheesh.
ok- i EXPECT to see you on the lost blog thursday morning.
ps- jack only reads your blog, because I linked you from mine. I had him first. and can we start referring to darin as triple H. Hottie-Head-Husband. Just a thought, I think you should consider it though.

RACHEL =) said...

I would have thought you were natural too!! My sister colors her hair, she's always been a blonde, and it's coming in dark - she's freakin!! Can't wait to see pics of what you do!! YAY! I love hairstyle changes (for myself, esp!)
LOST was amaaaazing tonight, wasn't it?! I swear, I always get boosebumps, my eyes always water, my stomach is in knots... gosh, I love this show!!!! =)

Michelle W. said...

you are looking so cute in that layout. Of course the layout is gorgeous too!!!


Angel With an Attitude said...

that was a lot for nothing to say!!

Mara said...

LOVE this.
Love the mom tribute page.
love the journaling and the paper.
Very sweet, Miss Darcy.
Like you!

Beth said...

Darcy I love the layouts you do with your mom included. You are an awesome scrapper! Psst...Jill's sis here! Anyway, just had to finally post that you totally make me laugh!!

Keisha said...

Love it here...gorgeous lo's Darcy!!