Friday, March 31, 2006

Photo Friday

Gunna blog lift my friend Jill with her photo-Friday idea! Here we go...

Woo-hoo!!! The whiskey tango roots are gone!!!

*Yes, I took a picture of myself sitting in my chair here at work.
*Yes, I was afraid that someone would see me doing this. Mission completed without making a fool out of myself. First time in my life.
* Realized that this is a crap picture so I went to the bathroom...

* Took yet another crap picture in there. =/
*Hope you get the idea of what the ol' hair looks like. We went darker so my whiskey tango roots wouldn't show so bad when they grow out.

Next picture:

* My de-whiskey-tangoizer is one of my best friends and a former roommate.. ERIN!
* Please do not look at the level of tanness possessed in that picture. It was taken 2.5 years ago when I had the time and money to be tan. Makes me feel albino in the picture I took today. Hey, the sun came out for the first time in 5 months yesterday! Okay, I'm lying but it feels like it. =/
* She's getting married next Saturday!
* In the dictionary where it says "always a bridesmaid, never a bride", Erin's picture is present.
* Not kidding you, the girl has been in 15 WEDDINGS!!!
* I'll take bunches-o-pics next weekend of our gorgeous dresses... they are chocolate brown with an aqua blue-ish sash around the waist.
* Say a little prayer for my speech I need to write. I gotta say something at the reception cuz I aided in the introduction of her and her soon-to-be-hubby. I brought up the possibility of them meeting and she totally put me off.. she's been set up a MILLION times and obviously none of them had worked. She finally met him and fell for him and didn't return my calls for DAYS cuz she didn't want to get my hopes up.
* So, the moral of the story is, if you are single and need me to find you a man, I'm good at it. My record is 1/0. 100% sucess.
* And wish me luck for next Thursday.. having her lingerie shower at my place. Trying to make it really classy and intimate. I would have loved to be in charge of her bachelorette party so I could make a fool out of her like she did at my bachelorette party... but her sister wanted that honor. Ahh... that's was sisters are for!

And the last photo of the day is the picture I get to look at all day long.. it's the one that sits on my desk right by my computer...

* Did you know that I love pink so much that my wedding dress had pink on it?
* What a good day! But seriously, each day gets better and better with him...
* Love my Darin!
* Gosh I hope our kids are like little miniature Darin's... one should not be allowed to be as cute as he is!!


Angel With an Attitude said...


Niki L said...

You look beautiful in all of your photos and I love pink too so I think it's PERFECT on your dress!

I'm excited to see the chocolate dresses with the sash, it sounds really neat!

Wendy said...

Oooooooh...beautiful wedding pic. Love your flowers and the pink on your dress. I'm a little obsessed with pink too. Kind of nice being single cause my whole bedroom is 'pinked' out.
I was talking to a friend last night and she said this guy she knew from college randomly emailed her. He teaches at Gotion and his name is Joel Holsopple...would that be any relation to you or I guess to Darin? I told her I read your blog and your from Indiana. She said she thought Darin was a cousin of his. Just wondering. Small world, huh?

Beth said...
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Beth said...

Darcy, love your hair, and the bridesmaid dresses - can't wait to see them. The colors sound awesome...cute scrappin' colors!

Half Pint said...

I love the photo of you and Darin. You two are absolutely glowing and it's easy to see that you are absolutely enjoying wedded bliss already!

Kat said...

LOVE that you had pink in your dress!!!!! how fun! love that pic, you guys look so happy : )

so funny w/the friday pics thing of your hair. your roots look good ; )

ka said...

I wanted a summer wedding so badly just so I could have pink gerbera daisies. I would have had them at my winter wedding but they would clash with the house. And I can't clash. I just can't. I'm so jealous of your hot dress and flowers.

Hailey said...

very cute pictures! especially the wedding one!

To The Moon said...

Love the pictures!

RACHEL =) said...

Wow, you looked so GORGEOUS on your wedding day, girl... WOW!!! And I love the pink bow, sooooo pretty!
Your bridesmaids dress sounds amazing, LOVE those colors together - can't wait to see pics!
YAY for your friend getting married - I just looooooooove weddings!!!!!!! =)

RACHEL =) said...

Oh, and your hair looks awesome - love the color!!!! =)

Michelle W. said...

love those photos!!! Love the pink wedding dress!


Jill said...

i love the pink wedding dress!!
so pretty, & you two are so darn cute :)
your hair turned out great!!
your pictures @ work made me laugh =)
& congrats to your friend for finally getting married, yay!!

Elizabeth said...

how fun that you added pink to your dress..
i think I would have had a black wedding dress.. if it was posh enough!!
the bm dresses sound so pretty.. i love that color combo..
and wow 15 weddings.. your friend has has developed quite the stash...!!
thanks for the take on friday photos =)

island girl said...

oh gosh you crack me up with your picture taking skills..the! loveit girl!

Lisa Dickinson said...

Well we are two peas in a pod, 'cause my wedding dress had a little touch of pink, too :) If I ever get around to scrapping those pics, I'll show ya! You and D are so dang cute - you are gonna have some awfully adorable kiddos, that's all I have to say!


jes said...

photo fridays...that one rocked. I got to see the pink in person. It looked wonderful too. Strange that I barely knew you when I was at your wedding...
I feel so much more comfortable with you NOW. How silly life can be
ok- super fun talk to you soon

Jeni said...

Darce I love your new hair cut you look beautiful!! I miss you!