Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I am a dork...

Yep. Some of you know this already, but it's confirmed. I'm a dork.

#1. Does everyone know what Vera Bradley purses are? The best created purse on the planet? Yep, I'm a Vera junkie. My old roomdog's refer to my purses as my "grandma handbags". But you know what? I love them. Peroid. Nuf said. Kayla Aimee , Christy & Jes will have my back on this one. I'm wearing a tealish-blue T with a brown T on top.. the whole layer thing going on. Khaki capri's (cuz it's 80 HERE today!!!) and my brown and teal airwalk flip flops from Erin's wedding. Yes, very matchy.. except for my Vera purse. I am toting around last year's sherbert print when I really need to have a java blue new tote pictured to the right. This is where my dork factor comes in.. not only does my outfit not match my PERFECT sherbert Vera purse, but I'm using the Americana Red zip around wallet. Yes, to busy and broke to switch out my wallet. Let's get a visual here, my sherbert purse is pink & coral in color and my wallet is red. Can you say dork? When I'm purchasing something, I seriously don't bring out my wallet for fear that Clinton and Stacy from What not to Wear are gunna jump out and make fun of my closet, humiliate me and give me $5,000 to shop in New York... wait.. that's not a bad thing. I'm NOT going to switch out my wallet until they find me. =) I'm pretty sure they'd make fun of my Vera.. though...

#2 reason I am a dork. I went to Office Max to have a few things laminated last night and the STUPID automatic door wouldn't open when I was ready to leave. So I look up at the tripper thingy while waiving my hands, almost ready to tell a worker that their door is broken when I look eye level and see the big "DO NOT ENTER" gigantuan red sign on the glass door. I walk around to the other door to see the 3 cashiers staring at me. Why do I humiliate myself when I'm by myself with no one else to laugh with me?? Wait.. I humiliate myself when around others too. I'm a dork.

#3 Yesterday I was in the worst mood ever. I was in such a funk that I knew only one thing could brighten my mood.

Minute Maid Light? Noppers.
Scrapping? Not in the mood.
A new puppy? Getting closer...
Darin Jay? Well.. yes but he's would be at a track meet until 8pm.
Target.. Ding, ding, ding!!!

How can I instantly walk into Target and get in a good mood? Um, $1.99 T's would be the answer. The cutest baby section for the 1st birthday present of the most adorable red-head nephew on the planet would also be another answer. Does anyone else like their stationary section? I never write letters so would have no need for stationary but man, it makes me giddy walking through the isle! So with me walking into Target and instantly being in a good mood from a day of funk, on my dork indicator I'm either a mega dork or really shallow. Either is fine with me. I love Target and Target loves my Mastercard.

#4 Darin confessed to a Darcy dork trick that has been used MANY times and I just wasn't aware of it until Sunday. On the way to his game, this certian house frequently has a "Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale" is in their lawn. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I need a cocker spaniel puppy. Of course I always make a big deal about the sign and try to get him to stop. Never works.. but he was feeling guilty so he finally let me in on his confession. Yep, he points something out on the other side of the street from the Cocker Spaniel house so that I don't see the sign. AND I FALL FOR IT EVERY TIME!!!

I'm pretty sure that all will be forgiven if Darin HANDS OVER THE PUPPY. Don't you think that's fair?


Niki L said...

That's a pretty good trick by Darin!! I'm going to have to watch to see if Chris does anything like that one!

I just got new outdoor chairs for our porch at Target!! They are great.

The girl that sits by me at work is in a bad mood today, maybe I'll tell her to go to Target at lunch!

jes said...

I totally agree with you about the puppy. DARIN GO GET THE PUPPY. I know you read this, dont play coy with me.
and target is like a meca for happy shoping. I love it, and I refuse to apologize for being a VERA loser too. I love it, it makes me happy. I like to buy it from the Cinnamon Stick in Mayburry too, because it smells good.
unlike my car lately. ewww.
and lastly
thanks for the darcy dork stories, They always brighten my day.

Jill said...

i'm laughing because of how Darin tricks you into looking at something on the other side of street!!!
i love Target too, don't get there as often as i'd like, but it is a good mood booster.

rev said...

HAHAHAHA Darcy you're to freaking funny. Well.... I can just see you walking the wrong way ;) haha, you just made my day my girl!! Love your "dorky" posts :::))). We should make a great pair though....

Kat said...

darcy you crack me up!!!!! i'm a total dork too, don't worry. we'd have a great time hanging out and laughing at ourselves!
oh, and target rules! espeically when shopping for baby clothes. what could be a better mood booster?

Felicia said...

First off, that is a very cute purse! Second, Target Rocks!! 3rd, I hope you get that puppy. And last, I don't think you're a dork. =)

gabbyfek said...

i have the giggles now......
i would fall for that too.
super cutie purse, btw...

Dina said...

Dace (maybe you should tell the Dacy story sometime), you crack me up! These posts are always my favorites - they remind me that you haven't changed! I totally love Targ`et and know what you are talking about! It is good though that I don't live so close to one anymore. I save more money now!
Love ya,

Mara said...

i'm a dork too, but ya, i don't get the VB purse thing, sorry... i do, however, completely relate to your office max story. sad but true.

Wendy said...

I love the stationary section at Target, too! I used to buy stationary from there all the time, and then I realized I never USE it. So, I've stopped buying, but I still have to go check it out whenever I go.

Hanni said...

the darin trick is tooo funny!
cocker spaniels are adorable, though...!!!! :) :) :)
i think it's totally fair!

Erin said...

heeeeeee heeeeeee heeeeeeeeee,
love it!