Monday, May 01, 2006

Stick it, Church & Scrapping!!

Oh my gosh.. I have never laughed at a movie so hard in my life. Not kidding. "Stick it" was so incredibly funny. AND GOOD!!! Seeing the girls was SO fun! It's amazing how much I miss the little goobers. Don't you just love laughing pictures?? This picture totally makes me smile. We started out at the best Mexican restaurant ever.. The Camino. NO laughing took place what-so-ever with these little ham-balls. I'm sure the table next to me didn't mind them talking LOUDLY about the age they started their periods at all. We get to the theater and see the coach and a couple of gymnasts from one of the teams we compete against. That was fun. =) You all remember in this and this post, a gymnast Jeni was trying to prove to us that we do in fact have wenises. It was kinda a running inside joke for the entire team all season. "Man, everthing on me hurts, even my wenis!" or.. "Ouch!! I think I just hit my wenis!".. you get the point. So there was a part in the movie where the hoodlum (amazing) gymnast challenged the coach to do a layout on the trampoline. He's slow to do it at first until the snobby gymnasts everyone hated was like,

"No, you can't!! Your gunna have a cardio vasectomy... or your gunna PULL YOUR WENIS!"

Seriously, we laughed so hard that tears were streaming down our faces. EVERYONE in the entire theater was staring at us. Now I'm convinced that I need to go and see the movie again because I lost a good 10 minutes laughing at the wenis part. Anyways, it's an awesome movie and it would help if you knew a little about gymnastics.. but I think anyone could watch it and get a few chuckles. If you are/were/know gymnastics, you will gut laugh the entire time. =)
Yesterday was the first service at our new church!! Gosh, everyone was SO wound up!! Here's our new youth room. Like the brick stage? I was so pumped about those light posts. =) We had our first youth service called 1st and 10. Starts at 10:10am every Sunday morning.. a youth band sing us a song and we have a little devo on what the sermon is gunna be about. We had a good turn out for our first service!! We didn't know what to expect with it being the first Sunday in the new church and all. I'm pretty sure that the kids like the new youth room.. especially the couch that is oh-so-conveniently posisitoned in front of the TV and video game. Hey, that's why it's there. =) Oh.. and I had to show you this super sweet pic of the aquarium in the wall between the nursery and 1&2 year old room! Look at that cutie posing for me!!! Can't wait to see how many little hand prints will be all over that glass. =) Darin got to give the announcements during the service yesterday.. here he is trying out the new stage. It was so fun to be in our new building.. and the best part is that the seats weren't completely full.. there's room for more!!! Yesterday was a "test" day to make sure everything went smoothly. Next week is our grand-opening.. wooo-hooo!!!!
Got 1.5 scrap pages done this weekend. =) I did a swap with the amazingly talented Lisa (bluestardesign on 2Peas). I just LOVE her work!!! She is such a sweetie and man, her kids are beautiful!!! TOTALLY gave me baby fever even more than I had to whip up this page for her.

Lisa doesn't have a blog so I'm gunna post & brag about the page she did for me on my blog. =) I LOVED this pic but thought it was ruined because it's so blurry.. you SAVED it and made it shine!!! Seriously, you are so stinking talented!!

Thanks so much for swapping!! We gotta do it again soon. =)


jes said...

I love how much you love your girls. I just think it says a lot about a person when they are so willing to invest in our future. Thanks for being such an incredible role model. 3 cheers for darcy. And I enjoyed church this weekend too...but you knew that. ok, talk to you later

Felicia said...

I want to see that movie. It looks funny.

Yay, for your new church. It looks nice.

Those LO's are great. I love the sun.

Emily said...

what a fun group of pictures :) Those times are just the best.

Valerie said...

I'm so glad the movie was good, I want to see it too!! And the pages are awesome!! So glad the test run for the new church went awesome!!

Kat said...

that is soo freakin funny about the wenis! i would have died laughing! love it
glad that everythign is going so well at your new church- i LOVE the wall tank (??) kids LOVE fish tanks. perfect. adn those layouts are awesome. yours and lisas! fun fun stuff : )

Jill said...

oh my, i can't believe they said 'wenis' in the movie!! how funny! the church looks so fun, esp. the teen room & video games!
i LOVE the lo you made, how perfect & creative :) the one she made for you is awesome as well, the lyrics & title are perfect for the picture!!

RACHEL =) said...

Just reading about you all laughing, made ME start laughing... that's some good writing, girl!!! I bet it was hilarious!!!
LOVE all the pics of the new church - you guys have been working so hard and it's finally DONE!! So happy for you!!!!!!
LOVE the layouts you two did - you girlies are scrappers-extraordinare!!!! =)

Michelle W. said...

awesome layouts. Glad to hear the movie is good (for how much we pay, it should always be good right?)


Lisa Dickinson said...

Yay! SO happy to hear about church - the building looks super cool. So major creativity in the decor there! Thanks for posting my LO - sorry for my blog lameness, but one of these days I'll get my act together and do one! :)

Have a good week, girly! I'm excited to get my LO so I can see and touch it IRL! I'm a weirdo, i know :P

Half Pint said...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic movie date! No leos though? I saw the preview for Stick It about 10 times this weekend and it looks hilarious...and I loved Bring It On.

No decision on the job front. I still have just over 2 years before my degree is done and I know I don't want to remain stagnant where I am for another 2 years. Three of my friends have gotten new jobs higher up in their fields this week, so there is lots to celebrate, but it's hard to not be envious. Tim says it means my turn is just around the corner!

Mara said...

you do such sweet posts, darce.
love the LO.
Congrats on the church.