Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Darcy Homemaker came to an end...

and I hated it. I wasn't ready to come back to work today. =/ I LOVED staying at home Monday and Tuesday. I loved it way too much. Someday.. someday...

Random things going through my head right now.. I'll use it as an update to what's been going on and schtuff.

* Remember the post I wrote about a few weeks ago about Alison? She is just about the most positive thing ever. She's such an inspiration.. she's in a ton of pain and needs to get a wheelchair. But she's already talking about when she's going to beat this disease and quit using that wheelchair. Alison, you are an inspiration.

* The For Sale sign is UP! We put it up yesterday morning and received 2 calls in the same day!! whoo-hoooo. =) AND Darin just called to tell me that we have a showing tomorrow at 3pm! So exciting.. let's just hope that our price and timing works out to whomever we sell to. (We have to be in the house until Oct 22nd to escape the 2-year capital gains tax) Our renters get out of our new (junk)house at the end of August so we'll be busting our hiney's to make it livable by October 22nd. My scrap time will become nill when we get possession of our new place. We'll spend every extra second we have remodeling that house. So exciting and overwhelming to think about. It's so fun to watch a grody house become a masterpiece.

* Visited an old roommate from Purdue on Sunday. She was visiting her padres in Wheaton which is much closer to Arizona, where she lives. (Mara.. I honked as we drove through Chi-town, did you hear me?) It was SO good to see Molly. She just had an itty-bitty baby that wouldn't let me hold her. =/ Guess she only likes to be held by her mom or dad. We visited for about 3-4 hours.. and drove over 5 to get there. Don't you hate it when that happens? But it was worth every minute.

* On the way there, we were at a dead stop for 45 minutes on the 80/90 tollroad. Um, yeah.. I do believe that Darin and I attract traffic jams. We were at such a dead stop, there was a football game being played in the medium a few cars back. I was going to go join them but they were playing skins and shirts.. but no one was wearing shirts. Um, I would have either had to loose the shirt or I would be the only person on the "shirt" team. Don't think I could have taken them all.

* It was even nice to take a break from scrapping. Um, or my "break" was because my scrap table was finally clean and I didn't want to mess it up.. one of the two. =/ I only got one page finished in the entire weekend.

My sister.. love her bunches!! LAMY is a term we've used at the end of our daily emails for years now. I've been wanting to scrap it forever and I finally got a good picture of the 2 of us to do so. Wanted to make it feminine and pretty.. like Denise. =)

* Holiday weekends = 2 dinners at each of Darin's g-ma's = Darcy feeling like a tub-o-lard. I'm convinced these people will keep feeding me until I weigh 300 lbs. =/

*And D's one grandma says the word "you-ins" just about ever other sentence. I have never heard this word until I met her. It is like ya'll but a different form? So weird.

* Missed Gabby's b-day surprise on Sunday but Rachel posted my page for me. (Thanks again, girlfriend!)

It was so fun to go through everyone's recipes today. All I can say is Yum-o.

* Okay, I could really get used to being a homemaker. I was able to organize, take my time cleaning, putz around the yard & landscaping, and exercise each day all while watching Days of our Lives and Oprah. Life was good.

* Next week Darin and I are taking 10 Jr. Highers to a week long conference in Kentucky. Summer in the Son.
I know.. it's WEIRD to love middle schoolers but gosh, ours are awesome!! One little gal has been packed for a week. She said it's really annoying because there are clothes in that suitcase that she wants to wear, but it's packed for camp so she refrains. =)

* We had a casualty in our yard bling. Yep, a rose bush. It was toast. How can 2 bushes.. growing RIGHT beside each other turn out so differently? Yeah, one is budding like mad and the the other one? Well let's just say it looked like like we planted a stick. =/

Okay, I'm done rambling. Hope you-ins had a great weekend!! Seriously, what is WITH that word?


Jill said...

oh my gosh, 'you-ins' is cracking me up. my dad says a word like that, kinda a cross between 'yens' & 'yuns' 'yeuns'. means you guys. too funny!!

LOVE the lace on the LAMY page.
and Heaven in a Pan is making me crave sweets now ;)

Niki L said...

That is such a cute word!! I can just picture a grandma saying it too!!

What a great picture of you and Denise! I love your saying too. I bet your house will go quick since you guys did so many great things with it!! I hear you on the bushes thing...I have 2 Hydrangea bushes in my back yard and one has GIANT blooms that are so pretty pink and the other one has about 2 leaves and that's it!!! STRANGE

sarah said...

LOVE that LAMY page . . . the lace is a sweet, delicate touch!
um, yeah, your Heaven in a Pan recipe had me DROOLING on Sunday! YUM-O!

amber said...

Love those LO's Darcy! Awesome stuff girl! Best wishes with the selling of the house!

Hanni said...

um yeah...
hanni homemaker had a rough day going back to work, too. :) yuck-o.
but it's good to commiserate with you!!! someday! :)

jes said...

I think you long to be a grandma... just a theory, but you really love the g-ma world.
Think about it.
and what does you-ins mean??? I think I missed that.
See you soon

RACHEL =) said...

tee hee, LOVE the recap!
Love... the word "you-ins" and I might have to say it all the time now to annoy you, haha!
Love... the layouts, so so awesome!!
Love... that you love being a homemaker, not everybody does.
Love... that you're excited about this trip with the kids, YOU are amazing!!
Love... that you're excite to rennovate a junky house, cuz I would NOT be, lol!
Love... you, hugs girl!! =)

Nichole said...

OK I can't help myself darce. It is a median...not a medium. Correct me if I am wrong but you are talking about the cement thing in the middle of the road right? I totally understand though...yesterday I was watching the world cup and wanted to say that a guy looked like a Samari and instead I said sunami...quite funny at the made me laugh today too. I now know I am not the only one. Thanks Darce..hehe

Love the fact that you got so many inquiries on the house. You will sell quick that house is awesome. good luck with the new one too. Living in not fun.

monica said...

I think you need another vacation, you have soooo much on your plate girl, I don't know how you do it!!!

Wendy said...

Sorry you had to go back to it weird how you seem to be more productive when you are not working?

island girl said...

lol...this reminds me of my ex's grandparents...they always said "yuns"..."yuns going out to eat tonight?" cracks me up all the time!