Friday, June 16, 2006

My Men's Church Softball League Debut


It's Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!! Whoo-hooo!!! This week was kinda weeeirrrrdd.. pokey with not having much to do at work and then we get super busy running off to our activities until late every night. I'm wondering how crazy our lives will be once the kiddos come. Geez, it's overwhelming to think about. =/

You guys.. I had to play catcher at D's softball game on Wednesday night. On the all men's team. In my cute pink tennies. And no sports bra. Okay, that one wasn't such a problem. =) A player was running late so at the beginning of the game, Darin looks at me with his big blue eyes being all sweet and says,

"Can you play, please?"

Shoot. Should have worn my work clothes and sandals. I should know better. So I get out there and throw the first pitch back to the pitcher. He goes, "Man, you can throw fire!" Um, I may be a girl, but my life goal is not to throw like one. Thanks. Our first inning wasn't so hot. Our pitcher was getting them close to the plate but it wasn't hitting the "mat" behind the plate that made it a strike so none of the peeps would swing at the ball. Um, this is a CHURCH softball league, swing at the ball for pete's sake!! And then they would take their walk. But I refrained from talking smack behind the plate cuz I'm the youth ministers wife and all but gosh, SWING AT THE BALL!!! And then I got up to the plate. And of course, I swang at the second pitch because I thought if the other team saw the chick swinging at the ball, they would start swinging as well. I hit it about 3 feet in front of home plate. Um,. er.. I meant to bunt the ball. I'm sure it threw everyone off with my swinging the bat as hard as I could =) I dashed towards first thinking, "extend the poor girl some grace and miss the catch.." and he caught it and I was out. BUT.. I advanced 2 players to second and third. I only played an inning and and a half and you know what I learned? Always wear a sports bra, pack my cleats, bring an extra hair tie and bobby pins to his games.. or wear stilettos. Um, I think I'll go the wear stilettos route. =) I missed my wives of the players social time!! Geez!!!

Here's that page that I did for Niki that blogger wouldn't let me post on Wednesday.

It was so, so fun to do. Darin came up with the journaling. "Where life and love meet, there is FOCUS" I told him I wanted something that wasn't typical.. no LOVE title or such. Man, he's good. Niki gave me a few other pictures to work with so this will not be the last Niki/Chris wedding page. =) Thanks for letting me play & create, Niki!!!

Peasers.. did you know that you can figure out how many views your pages get on 2Peas? If you want to know how, shoot me an email. It's really pretty interesting!!!

Darin's gunna be gone all next week. =( He's taking our high school youth boys to a camp. He leaves on Sunday morning and doesn't get back until Friday night. I'm going to miss him!! This is also the first time I have spent this many days in a row at our house. Alone. Ahhh.. wish me luck in not being scared or wish me some marathon scrap time to keep my mind off of him being gone!! =) Gosh, 3 more nights will open up with me not attending his softball and flag football games!! I'm going to miss him, though. =/

Okay, have a great weekend, all!!!


Hailey said...

way to be a team player Darcy! hehehe! that is too funny! You definetly will need to take a picture of yourself in stiletto's at a baseball field! hehehehe!

And with Darin gone next week you should have a girls night or something! and of course scrap your little heart out!

Niki L said...

Holy Cow!! I'm so proud of your softball skills!! I couldn't even come close to hitting the ball!!

Thanks for including us on your blog page...I'm feeling very special that I made it!

If you get scared next week you can always call me....but you have Bailey the watch-cat so I'm guessing you'll be pretty safe!!

sarah said...

Look at you with your softball skills!
I don't think I could hit the ball's been too long!

LOVE the layout - simply gorgeous! :)

Nichole said...

Nice Darce....showin off to the boys. You realize girls are the only ones who get away with that 3 feet in front of the plate thing...They'd call a guy back for bunting. Anyway. YOu looked good for all women kind.

Good luck with the stay alone. you will keep yourself is a great time to catch up with girlfriends too. I have to admit I miss adrian when he is gone, but I enjoy the alone time.

island girl said...

go with the stilletos girl!! you can't go worng with stilletos!

that layout is freakin' wonderful and Mr Darin rocked the quote...i must the quote!!

and please, please...i want to know how many page views i get!!

Wendy said...

Glad you don't throw like a girl!
Very funny. Love Niki's page. Awesome title.

Wendy said...

Glad you don't throw like a girl!
Very funny. Love Niki's page. Awesome title.

Michael and Erin said...

So wish I could have seen you playing catcher! haha!

RACHEL =) said...

tee hee, would have LOVED to see you playing ball! But I'm SO glad you did good!!! I would have pretty much sucked, lol!
LOVE that page, you know I do -- one of my favs!!!
Hope you're having a great weekend, sweetie! =)

monica said...

Dang Darcy, how many activities do you two participate in everyday. You two are so busy, how do you have any energy left???

I absolutely love that page you did for Niki!!!

You should have Darin make a LO sometime so we can see what he comes up with!!!

Elizabeth said...

so funny about the league.. I love to play too.. but there is nothing like the "time with the girls on the side". I'd be honored, that he thought you were good enough to jump in and cover..=)
and way to be SO supportive and go to all his stuff!! that is dedication.
maybe you'll get a little break and some scrappy time while D's away.
A leaves today for MI for 4 days!!
first time for me to be alone too.. we should call each other =)
at least you have a beast of an animal to keep a watch out!!

Jill said...

i LOOOOOVE this lo!! Darin's so clever to come up with that title, it's so perfect & not cheesy.

such a funny story about you filling in for softball, and BUNTING!!