Monday, July 17, 2006

Last week...

Okay. I love middle schoolers. Never a dull moment let me tell you. There ended up to be 9 kids and Darin and I for the trip to Kentucky Christian University for Summer in the Son. They were a hoot. And they learned things too.

Like how to jump off cliffs into the lake. Yes, cliffs ranging from 20-50 feet. My husband was the ring leader of them all. After 3 weeks of camp there, he's perfected his front tuck off a 40 foot cliff. Yeah, I about puked each time he jumped.

They also learned about creationism from the smartest man on the earth. Seriously, this dude was way smart. He disproved all sorts of evolution theories. Even I was interested and yeah, science usually hates me. The kids ate it up and know how to stand up for what they believe in their science classes.

They learned that hip hop can be done WELL by Christian artists. I was more into Shane and Shane, but the kids totally fell in love with the rapper that performed. And then the rapper ate at our table at snack time. And I thought they all were going to get in a fist fight for who got to sit by Bobbie Bishop. Crack me up.

They learned that stealing Darin's towel while he was taking a shower was not a good idea. I'll spare you the details but let's just say I was totally cracking up at how Darin paid them back. =)

The girls learned how to do chin people. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Darin has the camera so I'll post them in a later post.. and probably wet myself again laughing at them!!! Oh yeah, those pictures are SO going into the slide show in front of the entire church on July 30th when D preaches.

They learned how to help out a needy family. We built 2 walls for a future home that will be constructed to give to a family in need. When we were finished, they got to write all over the wall with messages and blessings.. serious and goofy. It was probably the first time that many of them had ever picked up a hammer. And they got to use a hammer to make a home that will bless a family. So cool.

They learned what serious "group" time was. Thanks to the nerf bat Darin had. No, he didn't smack them upside the head with it.. if they didn't have the bat, they couldn't talk. Worked wonders and deep conversations happened every night. And it was good.

The kids learned how to worship in their own style with no inhibitions.. didn't have to worry about what they looked like because it was "cool" to lift your hands to praise God or to sing at the top of your lungs. One of my girls said that she wished that everyone at the camp went to her school.. so being a Christian would be easier. Oh how I wish that for her too.

One of our boys learned what it meant to accept Christ and to be baptized. Amazing.. it was truly amazing to see how far he came in one week.

I learned a lot too. Like how to let Christ be the center of EVERYTHING in my life. So many times, I claim that God is the center of my life but SLOWLY I grab back the control from Him in certain areas until I get to a breaking point and realize what I am doing. Um yeah, I'm just human and God is God.. The Creator of this universe!! How bout I let Him control my little ol' life? Duh!! I (way too often) loose sight of that and last week was an extremely good kick in the hiney for me. =)

I know a few of you blog friends were praying for our week and let me tell you that we could totally feel it. Thanks so much for investing your prayers in our kids.. it was TRULY an amazing week. =)


Hailey said...

thats awesome Darcy, glad to hear you had a wonderful week! sounds like some pretty funny stuff happened too!

amber said...

So glad that you had a good week! Sounds like it went very well! And I'm with you on Shane & Shane-so love their music!

Jill said...

wow, & Darin amaze me how you guys work with that age of kids!! so cool. glad to hear it was a good week for them & you :)

Kat said...

sounds like you had an amazing time! i can't wait to see the picutres!
yep, jr. high kids are awesome awesome. so much fun to work with. they're still kids, but becoming adults. a crazy time, thats for sure- but such an important time!!! so awesome that you and darin spent the week with them!!

RACHEL =) said...

Awww, everything sounds so wonderful, Darcy!!!
SO glad you had a great time, and that the kids got a lot out of it!!
That's so wonderful!!!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

sounds like your week was so awesome, and fullfilling!!. i took a group of highschool younglifers to camp..and it is such a unique, magical, amazing time. i am sure quite similar to your time. isn't it so cool to watch GOd at work with these youth>?
kudos to you and D for the strength to do it!!

christy said...

Glad you enjoyed your time at camp with the kidlets. Can't wait to see you tonight and hear more about it in depth! I sure hope Erin, Alice and Dina can meet up with us too! Its been forever since Raegan's seen them. :-)

sarah said...

how wonderful, Darcy!
It sounds like it was such an amazing time!

Sarah said...

Sounds like it was a great time! It's amazing to watch teens be's great to see ANYONE transformed by God, but there's just something about teens softening their heart and opening up- and standing firm! LOVE IT! So glad it turned out well!!

island girl said...

D..sounds like such an amazing time...i just loved hearing what all the kids experienced!!

Glad your back...i missed ya!

jes said...

I love reading this blog. You are so good for those girls and I love hearing about it.
Not to mention our Commone Love of the puberty Middle schoolers.

rev said...

wow Darcy, compliments on you ánd your dear hubby on doing such a great job! Truly! It amazes me how you seem to touch so many people!!
Love it,

Niki L said...

Sounds like such a wonderful time and I'm so glad you got to go.

I totally got chills a couple of times reading this post!!

Felicia said...

Darcy, that sounds so awesome. I realy wish that I would have participated in some thing like that when I was a kid. Would probably make all the difference now. It's hard trying to live a Godly life and worry about what others will think of you at that age. Great Post!

Nichole said...

I truely miss these things. I always felt as though I learned more than the kids. And they always taught me so much. IT is amazing to watch their growth. Glad to hear you had a blast.

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