Friday, July 07, 2006

Today is a good day..

Why? Um yeah, you guessed it.. let me make a list for you.

1. It is my last day of work for 9 days. =)
2. Sunday we leave with 11 of our middle schoolers for a week of camp that will probably change their lives. (Well, at least we hope and pray it changes their lives)
3. It's Friday.
4. I have my big girl bra on today and actually look like a big girl. =)
5. Our house showing scheduled for yesterday was a no show. Bummer. BUT, the neighbors came over last night and went through our house (thank the Lord all the cleaning wasn't wasted!) and we had another showing this morning. And the today showing was super interested. Like was super okay with our asking price, when she'd be able to move in and everything. We're trying not to get too excited.
6. The mega interested gal that looked at our house this morning was an interior designer. And she liked my decor. =) Or she's a super good liar.
7. My sales guys will be out all next week at a meeting in Chicago so I won't miss much at work next week. Bonus. =)
8. Bailey the fat cat got in trouble for biting my brother in law last night and he was still so mad at us that he didn't wake us up this morning with his friendly "feed-me-now-because-I'm-famished" meowing like he normally does.
9. I have some amazing friends. =) That's for sure. You-in's know who you are. =) (please see last post for explanation of the word "you-in's".. so weird)

Yeah, it's a good day. =)

Have a great WEEK next week!! I'll be MIA until the 17th. =) Talk to you all then!!!


Niki L said...

We will be lost without you here, but I'll try to manage!!!

Bailey is being a total snob! I kinda shut my kitty's paw in the door last night a little bit and I about had a heart attack. She screamed bloody murder and then she was running around like a crazy lady again so I'm thinking she's ok!! She slept by me last nigh too so I'm guessing she's not too mad!!

Have a fun, safe trip and props to you on impressing the interior fun to be able to talk with her about ideas for the new house maybe!!

island girl said...

today is a good day!!

i'll cross my fingers on the house!! and have fun at camp!!

Elizabeth said...

"youins" that is such a funny word...just like a grandma to use it!!
have a super fun and safe trip with all those kids.. you are one brave twosome!!
(just don't come back with any jr. high lingo) ha ha they are sure funny though aren't they?
that will be such an awesome experience to watch them learn and grow in the relationship with JC.
yay for your good showing =).. fingers crossed for ya !!

amber said...

Will definitely miss the blogage while you are away, but have a super fun time!!

Mara said...

glad you're having a good end to the week!!
have fun at camp!

RACHEL =) said...

Awww, so glad for your good day!!!!! That makes me happy!
Hope you and Darin have a great week with the kids!! =)

monica said...

Camping with a bunch of middle schoolers????? I hope you survive!!!! =)

I'm sure you all will have a blast, wear tons of mosquito repellent!!!

rev said...

o darcy, keep those list coming up, LOVE them. have fun this weekend (o, it's already over huh... ;)

Jill said...

you & Darin are so amazing to be involved with young people!! have a great week :)

christy said...


Hope you have a great time with the kiddos this week. I'll be praying for you guys! :-)

I like you reason number four! You're a hoot! :-)

Love ya,

*nichole* said...

hey darce! i have been so behind with blogs lately..but was able to go thru yours & gotta say some thangs! ;) love that page you did for gabby [incredible!!] love the page about you & your'll are GORGEOUS!! yeyyy on the for sale sign being up! congrats, congrats, congrats on getting that email from MM on the page best be stoked about that!!! :) love the star you it!! and hope you have a wonderful trip! i miss our emails! talk soon!